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10 Reasons to Start a Podcast With Your Partner

In May, Jessie and Gerard bravely went where not many married couples would dare to go when they launched a podcast called Marriage Is Funny. Once a week, they air their marital “dirty laundry” and work through the tough side and poke fun at the humorous side of marriage. Spoiler alert: there are on-air tears, giggles, and tight bear hugs. “The Peppers” – not their real last name, in fact, they don’t share a last name; you’ll have to listen to their podcast for the full story – just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. They shared with us a little bit about why starting a podcast with a partner can be both the best (and the worst) thing you could do to your relationship.

Most couples that want to enjoy each other’s company on the weekends decide to pick up their rackets for a game of tennis or work on projects around the house. Jessie and I haven’t ever felt like “most couples,” so starting a podcast together seemed like it could be a good fit from the beginning. We are love enthusiasts with a penchant for personal development, but had NO idea that the past few months would be so challenging.

Syncing up our schedules to meet deadlines every week is the least of our worries. Airing the dusty nooks and crannies of our relationship on the Internet feels a lot like inviting your neighbors over to sift through a pile of dirty laundry . . . It has forced us to navigate a new type of connectedness (and interestingly enough, we’re keeping our linen closets a lot cleaner, as well).

The stress has been challenging, but I’m thankful for an excuse to explore parts of our marriage that we might never have otherwise brought to light. Intense introspection now feels more fruitful than frustrating. Having accountability as we talk through our lives together has permeated our day-to-day, and knowing that there are thousands of people listening brings a new level of self-awareness when choosing to be stubborn or silly. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our hearts over the airwaves, and the reminder to bear hug when we’d rather be mad is worth every single fight we’ve had along the way.

Here are 10 reasons to start a podcast with your partner:

  1. When the husband wants his wife to stop yammering, he can say, “Why don’t we just talk about it on next week’s show,” and then conveniently forget to bring it back up.
  2. Having the added accountability while you argue makes both parties fight more fairly.
  3. The nosy neighbor can listen to you work out your problems in hi-def without having to strain to hear you through the walls.
  4. Editing a screaming match makes you feel like enough of a jerk that you decide to swear off yelling, for good.
  5. It creates an instant community that feels like the secret clubhouse we always wished for as kids.
  6. We can’t tell if people are groaning or laughing at our lame jokes, so there’s no need to worry about a flop.
  7. Declarations to each other are now officially on auditory record. (There are no take-backs allowed when everyone you know has already heard your promises.)
  8. You don’t have to wear pants to be a host.
  9. It forces you to have regular heart-to-hearts with no distractions.
  10. The liberation that comes with no longer having to pretend your relationship is perfect makes all the work feel totally worth it.

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