10 Songs That Will Help You Get Over Your Ex This Summer

One of the best ways to cope with heartbreak is through music – trust me, I would know. Following my messy breakup last year, I found a new sense of self-worth after hours of SZA’s CTRL album (literally). When you devote years of your life to someone, it’s hard to even picture yourself with anyone else. Instead, it’s easier to go back to what seems comfortable. Been there, done that. Whether you’re exiting a toxic relationship or simply realized the person you were with just wasn’t the one, it’s important to be conscious of your worth and to especially avoid drunk-texting your ex!

Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” might hurt to listen to the first couple of times, but I’m here to remind you that you grow through what you go through. There’s no time for summertime sadness, ladies!

From Cardi B to Jorja Smith, here are the 10 songs you need on your playlist this Summer to remind you why you are the strong, powerful woman you were made to be.

Source: Suger

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