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14 Steamy Romances to Kick Off Your Summer | Jejee Blog

14 Steamy Romances to Kick Off Your Summer

Well, those three digits on the temperature gauges are our first clue that it’s time to wipe down the BBQ, shake out the beach towels, and lather on sunscreen for the sunny days of Summer. And while I admire those fun-loving people who brave this wicked heat for the best music festivals and sunkissed tans, I like to get my heat from my books while being blasted by the A/C, thank you very much! If you feel the same way, we’ve rounded up the sexiest new books out this June. So, without further ado, we’ve got your to-die-for list of must-reads this month, featuring sweet Summer flings, tortured heroes, and enough romance to last you until those fireworks start popping in July!

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