18 Things People Regret Doing on Their Wedding Day – Learn From Their Mistakes

Your wedding day can be one of the happiest, most memorable days of your life. But everyone who’s planned one knows it can also bring its fair share of stress, chaos, and regrets (did you really need to invite Aunt Edna?). Thankfully for the rest of us who haven’t yet tied the knot, other people’s mistakes are ours to learn from. In an insightful Reddit thread about wedding regrets, people divulged lots of real-life examples of things they wished they’d done differently, and hearing their honest thoughts will save you from postwedding remorse.

With so much time spent planning months before the day itself, there might be things you forget about once the main event arrives – like eating a good breakfast! If you’re just beginning to explore the world of wedding planning or you’re curious to see whether you share some of the same frustrations from your experience, read on to see what 18 people shared.

Source: Suger

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