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24 Costume Ideas For Girls With Glasses

As a woman who wears glasses, I’m all about rocking the four eyes on Halloween. I’ve been hipster Belle and Tina Belcher in recent years, and I will probably find a way to work the specs into this year’s costume. It’s basically a built-in prop for a number of fun costumes, so you might as…read more

44 Real-Girl Engagement Rings So Unique Everyone Will Be in Awe

Everybody loves a little tradition, but it’s the truly unique elements of a wedding that set it apart from the crowd. Start with your engagement ring and choose a design unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A distinctive ring will stand out in a mass of traditional gems. Check out our favorite unique rings worn…read more

Here's Why Meg Ryan Is the Queen of Rom Coms

Harry met Sally 25 years ago. The classic romantic comedy was first released in July 1989. The deli scene alone secured Meg Ryan a place in our hearts. Who could forget her stubborn and hilarious Sally Albright in the film? Through the years, there were many more Meg Ryan roles we grew up loving. We…read more

We Have Definitive Proof That Malfoy and Hermione Were Doing It

Romeo and Juliet, Cathy and Heathcliff, Jack and Rose. These star-crossed lovers don’t have anything on the greatest untold love story of them all: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. You may have thought that Hogwarts’s baddest witch was head over heels for her redheaded BFF, but that’s just because you weren’t paying close enough attention…read more

What Happens When the Disney Princesses Take a Walk in Each Other's Shoes?

We’ve seen Disney princesses reimagined as just about everything – from Game of Thrones characters and real-life women to superheroes and more. But what if the princesses swapped roles and took a walk in each other’s shoes (or fins, if you’re Ariel)? Artist Dylan Bonner created gorgeous images of the women in different clothes and…read more

'90s Jasmine?! Disney Princesses Dressed by Year

Just what the doctor ordered: more Disney princess art! Swedish artist Beatrice Lorén designed Disney princesses dressed in the fashion of the years their movies came out. She noted that the project took quite a while with the research required, adding, “I went for what was that is accurate for the time AND what I…read more

6 of the Worst Types of Guys to Date

Twins Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, share the top types of guys you should never, ever date. Let’s face it, some dates are just god awful. It is a harsh reality that all daters are confronted with at least once or twice in their lifetime. No matter how promising those…read more

Witch, Please – These 19 Halloween Costumes Will Cast a Spell on You

Dressing up as a witch for Halloween can be anything but basic. There are so many ways to channel your inner sorceress that will surely turn heads. Keep reading to check out all the mystical costumes we’ve found for you and add a little magic to everyone’s holiday this October. Source: Suger