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10 Feminist Sex Toys We SO Appreciate

It’s no secret that sex products are often, if not usually, geared toward men. Take the TwerkingButt, for example. I mean . . . WHY, HUMANITY, WHY? Luckily, culture is moving forward, and it’s now a well-known fact that women like to get their rocks off on their own, too. Which means, yep, tons of…read more

39 Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Your mom is one of your very best friends – sure, you got in little squabbles over boys and eye makeup when you were 13, but years later, you couldn’t be closer. You’re so thankful for the lady who brought you into this world, and nothing compares to the bond you have with her. To…read more

35 Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants

There are things women think men want, and then are things that men actually want. If you’d like to give your boyfriend something he will actually use (and not something he only wears to make you happy), you’ve come to the right place. These tech-y, boozy, nerdy, sporty, bacon-y gifts are guy-approved – and are…read more

100+ Gifts the Woman in Your Life Will Fall Head Over Heels For

This year, don’t settle for the same old, same old when it comes to giving the woman you love a gift for the holidays. Whether she’s a reader, a gardener, an interior-design fanatic, or a fashion fiend, we’ve handpicked some of our favorites finds, so trust our expert opinion and get to shopping! $20 and…read more

10 Types of Boyfriends You Dated in High School

In high school, most of us had our type. Maybe it was the athlete, the prom king, or the sensitive shy guy no one else seemed to pay attention to. We’ve seen all these types on the big screen – and they all happen to be hot! I’ve rounded up some of the most iconic…read more

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Grown-Up Disney-Lovers

If you love Disney as much as us, chances are you have a few loved ones who are a little obsessed as well. Whether your friends and family are all about princesses or Pixar, we found 35 gifts that grown-up Disney fans will go crazy for. You would be surprised by just how many products…read more

Everything You Need to Survive the Holidays

We’re teaming up with NBC’s TODAY to create a special box to help you survive the holidays. This holiday survival kit is the ultimate collection of everything you need to help make the season stress-free, relaxing, and fun, so you can enjoy more time with the people you love. Hand-selected by TODAY hosts Kathie Lee…read more

11 Signs You're Way Too Comfortable With Your Partner

Once the honeymoon phase simmers down, it’s hard not to give in to the ease of long-term dating. Comfort starts to outweigh sexy without the need to impress, so you replace the lace with something more homely. Face it, we let go when things are solid. Here are all-too-familiar signs that you and your partner…read more

20 Gifts Your 20-Something Boyfriend Will Love

Giving presents to your significant other can be a real stressor, that’s why we’re here to be your holiday shopping spirit guide. Take a deep breath and open your Internet browser; it’s never too early to begin holiday shopping. If you’ve got a boyfriend in his 20s, we have a whole guide of gifts perfect…read more

11 Signs You're Already Part of Your SO's Family

You’ve been dating your SO for, like, ever. You’re two peas in a pod; you’re the peanut butter to his/her jelly; your partner’s the cheese to your fab wine. No relationship is perfect, but you’re an amazing fit for each other, and you can’t imagine a life without your better half. Or your SO’s mom….read more