Monthly Archives: November 24, 2015

This Dog Filmed a Wedding, and the Results Are Glorious

Wedding films are typically beautiful no matter who’s behind the camera, but we gotta say – this dog’s videography skills are pretty rad. The camera on Ryder the Siberian Husky’s back captures the excited faces around the house while the bride gets ready, and then heads out into the snowy woods of Roan Mountain, TN,…read more

10 Things Women Worry About That Men Don't Have To

When a woman wakes up in the morning to embark on her day, she faces certain challenges that men do not encounter as they navigate the world; there are more simple worries like how her hair looks or if her outfit is flattering that women tend to think about more often than men, but there…read more

13 YA Novels From Your Childhood You Should Read Again

Today, young-adult titles like Twilight or The Hunger Games have captured the attention of teens and adults alike. But if you want to get back in touch with a younger, and maybe more confused, version of yourself, pick up a “vintage” title that you may have read when you were growing up. To get you…read more

I Do or I Don't: Wedding Traditions

There are many ways to buck tradition when it comes to your wedding, swapping in alternatives that are a better fit for you and your betrothed. I’ve rounded up 20 of these wedding traditions, including many of the commonly nixed clich├ęs – like the garter and bouquet tosses, matching bridesmaid dresses, and the gender-specific roles….read more

Over the Pill? Facts About Nonhormonal Birth Control

Are you thinking about switching to an IUD after being on the pill? Wth the intrauterine device’s rise in popularity, you’re not the only one with questions about nonhormonal birth control options. Hormonal options range from the ring to the patch to the pill, but what if you want to avoid the consequences, including mood…read more

6 Ways to Find Alone Time During the Holidays

The holidays are almost here, and spending time with family can be the best – and worst – part of the season. Cramped quarters, conflicting personalities, and childhood baggage means tensions can run high, especially when you don’t have any time to yourself. But with a little creativity, you can find ways to squeeze in…read more

10 Things Even Better Than a Thank-You Note

In the heart of the giving season, show your special someone how grateful you are through a sweet note or sentimental gift. With Thanksgiving meals weeks away and the daily gratitude challenge filling our Facebook feeds, here are 10 acts of gratitude that don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money….read more

7 Traditional Dating Rules You Can Actually Use Today

“Do this.” “Don’t do that.” It seems like every time you log in to Facebook, flip through a magazine, gossip with your friends, or text your mom, there it is: dating advice you didn’t ask for. So you doubt yourself. Are you doing this whole dating thing right? After all, you’re still single. Maybe Wednesday’s…read more