Monthly Archives: January 5, 2016

We Have Definitive Proof That Malfoy and Hermione Were Doing It

Romeo and Juliet, Cathy and Heathcliff, Jack and Rose. These star-crossed lovers don’t have anything on the greatest untold love story of them all: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. You may have thought that Hogwarts’s baddest witch was head over heels for her redheaded BFF, but that’s just because you weren’t paying close enough attention…read more

This Promposal Crashes and Burns in the Most Cringe-Worthy Way

With all the hype around elaborate promposals comes the unfortunate reality of some very public and very mortifying rejection moments. In this video, however, the girl doesn’t reject the poor guy so much as make fun of the promposal midway before realizing what’s happening. Let’s just say it’s an awkward, tear-filled disaster. Watch it now,…read more

Proof Bachelor Ben Higgins Is ACTUALLY a Disney Prince

There are many reasons we are swooning over Ben Higgins, this season’s star of The Bachelor, but one of them is that we’ve discovered he’s actually a Disney prince. Our suspicions were first aroused when Ben (then known as Ben H., per #bachelorrules) was a contestant on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette along with…read more

The Bachelor: All the Gorgeous Engagement Rings From Past Seasons

The Bachelor Ben Higgins may be in the early stages of finding love, but we can’t wait until he chooses a lady and picks out the perfect engagement ring for her. Over the years, past Bachelors have chosen some pretty dazzling rocks. Check out the engagement rings from some of your favorite Bachelors and decide…read more

Relationship Reality Show Stars: Now and Then

At a WE TV panel about the evolution of relationship reality TV shows I learned that a real show exists called Sex Box – yes, people have sex in a box – and that Bob Eubanks and Chris Harrison hang out together at their neighborhood Starbucks (note to self: find this Starbucks). It was also…read more

The 1 Thing I Wish I'd Known Before Using Tinder

In 2015, my New Year’s resolution was to find love. I was turning 23 years old and it dawned on me that I’d never been in a serious relationship. I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t been able to settle down with anyone, but for the sake of not wasting time dwelling on it, I…read more

8 Mistakes Every Bridesmaid Should Avoid

It’s an honor to stand up in a friend’s wedding, and along with that recognition comes a range of responsibilities – but just how far do those responsibilities stretch? Where’s the line between helpful and overbearing, between celebrating and insulting? When it comes to wedding dos and don’ts, the boundaries aren’t always clear. If you…read more

Why You Should Absolutely Wait Until After 30 to Get Married

Lately, I’ve been seeing news of (very) young people tying the knot on my Facebook feed. And while I certainly don’t condemn them for taking their oaths early (when you know, you know, I suppose), I can’t help but feel a little puzzled. What’s the hurry? Even if you do believe you’ve found your soul…read more

54 Sister Tattoos That Prove She’s Your Best Friend in the World

Some best friends you find in life, and some you’re born with. There are certain things only your sister can understand, and there’s no better (or more lasting) way to show your sisterly love than with matching tattoos that will last a lifetime. We’ve rounded up creative ideas that will show how deep your bond…read more