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18 Interesting Stats About Singles and Dating in America surveyed over 5,500 single people for its sixth annual Singles in America study to gauge the meaning of singlehood and dating today. Conducted by world-renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and Assistant Professor of gender studies at Indiana University Dr. Justin R. Garcia, the comprehensive survey looked at a range of dating tendencies from…read more

7 Unconventional Love Stories to Set Your Heart Pitter-Pattering

It’s true: you can find love in a hopeless place! This swoon-worthy list of unconventional love stories is all the proof you need! Read and be forever heart-eyed, from our friends at Off the Shelf, a daily blog that connects great books with great readers. As many of us have learned over the years, true…read more

5 Common Causes For Late Periods

A late period is one of the scariest experiences if you’re not planning on being a mom anytime soon. It’s actually pretty normal for women’s periods to be delayed for several reasons, and you shouldn’t just assume it’s because you’re pregnant. Here are a few to keep in mind. Your cycle might be irregular from…read more

Michael Fassbender’s 33-Step Guide to Seduction

Despite Michael Fassbender’s humble assertion that it’s purely his celebrity status that attracts women, I have a hard time believing that any woman (or man) could resist the hot Irish-German actor’s sex appeal, famous or not. Sarah Paulson knows what we’re talking about: “He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes…read more

5 Book Boyfriends You Should Date This Valentine's Day

Elizabeth Michels, author of The Infamous Heir (out March 1), shares five book crushes you can fall for this Valentine’s Day. Are you looking for a hot date for this Valentine’s Day? If you want nothing more than to be swept off your feet with some optional swooning, look no farther than the hero of…read more

Get Closer to Your SO With Our 7-Day Intimacy Challenge!

Look, I get it – relationships get stale. You’ve been together for, like, 56 years, and it can feel as though you’ve both seen all there is to see. He’s walked in on you peeing. You’ve witnessed him shaving his manhood. He’s heard you singing Adele into your hairbrush. You found his secret stash of…read more

17 Reasons Steph and Ayesha Curry Are Your Ultimate Relationship Goals

Stephen and Ayesha Curry are winning at life. Between Steph being a basketball god for the Golden State Warriors and Ayesha building her culinary empire, the unstoppable pair is giving us some serious relationship goals. Oh, did we mention that they also have the cutest daughters on the planet? Here’s 17 reasons the Currys should…read more

10 Stages of Celebrating Valentine's Day in a Relationship

Have any Valentine’s Day plans yet? Through the years of a relationship, how you spend the day of love totally changes. Check out all the stages of how your Valentine’s Day evolves with a significant other, from a new couple to the pair that’s been married for decades. Source: Suger

27 Disney Date Ideas For Ultimate Fans

The couples who obsess over Disney together stay together. If you’re looking for fresh date ideas that also involve your Disney fandom, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these fun acitivities that will foster your very own fairy tale. Source: Suger