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16 Creepy Incest Movies We Can't Help but Be Fascinated By

Admit it, you just can’t look away from these taboo onscreen relationships. Incest – be it between siblings, cousins, step family members, or parents with sons and daughters – is one of those icky subject matters we just can’t help but be fascinated by. There’s even been a disturbing trend amongst millennials for interest in…read more

The 9 Hottest Disney Princes, Ranked

When it comes to Disney princes, no doubt you already have your favorite picked out. He was the one you pictured reciting your vows to when you were 10. The one that made your tiny heart pitter-patter. The one you couldn’t stop dreaming about smooching when you were supposed to be working on fractions. And…read more

21 Quotes About Reading That Speak to a Book-Lover's Heart

Books are more than just words on paper. They are a means to escape your own world, expand your knowledge, and keep you up until the wee hours of the morning. People who “don’t read” are really missing out. If you’re a bookworm, you will appreciate these profound and heartwarming quotes about reading. Source:…read more

This Bohemian Southern Wedding Is Full of Down-Home Charm

If you’ve ever visited the South, you know just how endearing it really is – friendly people, big hugs, and good food and times. Couple Matt and Rebecca selected the Mill at Plein Air in Taylor, MS, for their nuptials . . . and it made for one peachy-keen ceremony. “Matt and Rebecca chose Oxford…read more

21 Times There Was a MAJOR Age Gap in a Romance Movie

Everyone’s a little fascinated with the unconventional. So it’s no surprise that plenty of films have pushed the boundaries of the norm (and sometimes even of the appropriate or legal) to explore relationships that are outside of the box. While some of these May-December romances are entirely on the up and up, others definitely cross…read more

Emma Watson Uses a Website That Could Change Your Sex Life Forever

We watched Emma Watson grow up before our eyes in the Harry Potter movies, but this latest news about the star is proof that she’s no longer the innocent Muggle we once knew. During an onstage chat with Gloria Steinem, Watson revealed she subscribes to a very sexy website – but it’s not totally what…read more

All the Proof You Need That 2-Piece Wedding Dresses Are Better Than 1

This 2-piece wedding dress is absolutely stunning – Style Me Pretty Why you should have sex with your husband on your wedding night – Glamour Creative wedding flower ideas to make your big day uniquely yours – Brides Elegant garden wedding ideas for brides with a green thumb – Wedding Chicks The only list you’ll…read more

These Disney Character Mashup Illustrations Are Ingenious

Using colored pencils, the incredible artist Dada has been creating stunning mashups of some of our favorite Disney characters. Each illustration takes about 10 hours, and the results have us completely mesmerized. Take a look at how characters like Jasmine, Ariel, and Elsa come to life on a simple piece of sketch paper. Source:…read more

How to Tell If Your Body Image Is Negatively Affecting Your Sex Life

The two of you are there, in the middle of the most passionate and intimate act – sex – when your hideous and incorrect views of your body cause discomfort, displeasure, or sadness in the middle of the deed! Except here comes the worst part: you don’t even know that this is happening but your…read more