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23 Nicholas Sparks Quotes So Romantic, You'll End Up a Puddle

It’s true – I’m a Nicholas Sparks fan. Per my mom’s suggestion, I dove into his weepy romance novels starting in my early teens, and I ate ’em up like fresh Butterfingers (Mother knows best!). He’s a damn good writer, and it’s impossible not to get totally sucked into his idyllic worlds where the male…read more

Will Elise Be Able to Handle the Spotlight in This Sultry Novel?

In Samantha Joyce’s sexy, charming new adult novel Flirting With Fame, Elise Jameson has a secret: she’s the author behind the bestselling cult teen hit Viking Moon series. But when her series scores a TV deal that requires her to be on set – and in the presence of one very hot heartthrob – painfully…read more

This Elegant Indianapolis Wedding Is Every City-Lover's Fantasy

Marrying your sweetheart on top of a roof overlooking a marvelous city sounds like a dream – one that couple Grace and Zach made reality. The two said their vows atop the Regions Tower in Indianapolis, and the pictures ahead prove just how romantic it really was. “I have had the great pleasure of not…read more

15 Truths Interracial Couples Know

If you’re currently in an interracial partnership like I am, you’ve probably noticed a few significant differences in the relationship. Some good, some not so good – but all worth it. In fact, it’s made you a better, kinder, more sensitive person as a whole, and the truth of the matter is, you wouldn’t trade…read more

50 States of Weddings

You don’t have to go to an exotic location to make a big impact with your wedding destination. If you live in the United States, there are plenty of beautiful settings here in your backyard. We’re sharing 50 weddings from each of the 50 states for some patriotic “I do” inspiration. Source: Suger

This Kiss Between a Canadian Sailor and His Partner Will Warm Your Heart

The fight for same-sex rights has been making major headways lately – in June, the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage lawful, and the whole country rejoiced. This video of a Canadian navy sailor sharing a kiss with his SO after more than eight months at sea will only fuel your happiness further. “I have…read more

A Definitive Guide to the 5 Love Languages

Long-term relationships have their ups and downs. But based on my experience, the book Five Love Languages, written by relationship therapist Dr. Gary Chapman, actually provides a helpful roadmap for a lasting and happy relationship. Here’s the premise: each person experiences and expresses love in different ways, known as a love lanugage. Those include words…read more

Faced With a Tragic Diagnosis, This Teen Had His Dream Wedding

Pennsylvania teen Luke Blanock has been battling Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, since he was 16. Two years, 24 rounds of chemotherapy, and two surgeries later, Luke has tragically learned that his cancer has spread and is terminal. Faced with the news, Luke set out to fulfill his wish of marrying his…read more

Women Confess How They're Destroying Their Relationships

Spending time with one’s significant other can be a great way to relieve stress. But what if the relationship is the cause of those woes? Our friends at Whisper are here to share thoughts from real women who think they’re the cause of the problems within their relationships. Source: Suger