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With This Genius Gadget, Safe Sex Is Just a Click Away – Literally

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block Condoms at the push of a button? Yeah, kind of genius. Amazon just announced its expansion of more than 100 branded Dash buttons, including food brands like Starbucks, but only one of these will provide you with safe sex – and it was sent to our office. Pictured…read more

10 Hilarious April Fools' Pranks to Play on Your Significant Other

‘Tis the season for tomfoolery! This April Fools’ Day, prank your significant other in the most creative and hilarious way possible. We’ve put together our 10 favorite pranks that are easy to pull off. Check them all out and get to scheming . . . Source: Suger

The Sad Reason Some Women Don't Have Orgasms

The secret to more pleasurable sex for women? Simply talking about it. Think back to when you had those awkward talks with your parents about the birds and the bees. For many girls, you remember hearing about the importance of condoms, birth control, and protecting yourself from scary things like unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted…read more

23 Wedding Ceremony Photos You’ll Regret Not Taking

What wedding pictures will really help you remember the day 50 years later? Probably not the staged portrait of the wedding party at the altar, but the candid photos that capture the small details and most emotional moments. Especially at the ceremony, the exact moment when a couple becomes one. To help you in your…read more

5 Rules to Having a Spring Fling on YOUR Terms

When the weather heats up, things are bound to get hot between you and a lucky somebody. Whether it’s on vacation or on the beach, there’s just something about sunshine and good vibes that draw people together. While Spring flings are fun in the moment, when the season comes to an end, it brings you…read more

Virgin America Pulled the Breast April Fool's Joke With Its New Logo

In spirit of April Foos’ Day, Virgin America set out to pull the ultimate prank by “rebranding” its well-recognized logo into one single image that truly captures the company’s values. In the video above, you’ll see how Virgin Group founder Richard Branson came to the final logo that basically resembles a pair of breasts. The…read more

Instagram of the Day: This Hot Australian Guy Is Making Us Thirsty

Every day, we bring you our favorite piece of eye candy posted to Instagram. Today’s picture comes from Andrew Smythe. The sexy blogger lives in Australia. Couple more days like this pleaseeeeee🏊🏼☀️ #health #fitness #beach #summer A photo posted by Andrew Smythe (@tradiefit) on Mar 28, 2016 at 12:45am PDT Source: Suger

7 Girlfriend Books to Savor

There are few things as powerful as female friendship, and we’re finally living in an era where literary depictions of realistic girlfriends are abundant. Author Emily Liebert has compiled some of the best books about female friends for your reading pleasure! As the author of four women’s fiction novels and an avid reader, for me…read more

This Sophisticated River Wedding Is Phenomenal

It’s no secret that Italian weddings tend to be elaborate, unforgettable affairs for everyone involved or attending. Couple Sonia and Marcello’s nuptials were no exception. “Sonia and Marcello have an enormous family,” said photographer Bonnallie Brodeur. “As Marcello is Italian, they really wanted to follow Italian traditions for their wedding, so they invited everyone from…read more

23 Insanely Sexy GIFs From Orange Is the New Black

So, who’s excited for the next season of Orange Is the New Black to hit Netflix?! Let’s be real – Summer can’t come any faster. As we gear up for the premiere, let’s take a moment or two to remember just how sexy the show is. Ahead are 23 very racy GIFs featuring several major…read more