Monthly Archives: May 31, 2016

10 New June Books We Can't Wait to Read

Fresh Summer reading recs, comin’ atcha! This month there are some perfect beach reads hitting shelves. Whether you’re a fan of Sex and the City, YA romances, or page-turning memoirs, there’s something you’ll want to dive into. Here are our top 10 June picks; check them out now and be sure to take our Summer…read more

Let Your Zodiac Sign Determine What Type of Date You Should Go On

In need of some date inspiration? Let the stars determine what type of adventures you’ll have, so the pressure is off you. Depending on your sign, you have different preferences on what constitutes the best date ever, so we found some suggestions that any lovebirds can enjoy, whether it’s the first date or tenth date….read more

Hoping to Have the Sexiest Summer Ever? Slip Into One of These Swimsuits

Bathing suits or waterproof lingerie? It’s kind of hard to tell with some of these ridiculously sexy suits. We’ve rounded up this season’s most provocative beach- and poolwear, from string bikinis to one-pieces that rival the hottest teddies we’ve ever seen. Slip into one of these sexy suits, and the only thing that’s going to…read more

1 Woman Interrupts Public Makeout Sessions With Hilarious Photobombs

What do you do when you witness cute (or intense) PDA? Probably ignore it. But one hilarious Imgur user has been finding the fun in couples swapping spit in public by hilariously photobombing them in action. In a 19-post thread posted to Imgur, user sofiagia shared some epic snaps of her crashing makeout sessions in…read more

20 Steamy Summer Romance Movies to Stream on Netflix Now

Ah, Summer love. It seems the hotter the season, the steamier the romance. There are all kinds of Summer-set romances, and most of us have experienced one kind or another. It could be a coming-of-age Summer camp crush, a hot and heavy vacation fling, a forbidden postcollege relationship, or a breezy beachside hookup. Many of…read more

5 Tips For Anyone Struggling With Coming Out

Coming out to family and friends isn’t always easy. Carrie Highley, author of Blue Apple Switchback, shares these helpful tips for anyone wondering how to live out loud. Check it out. Always keep in mind that love is meant to be simple, we make it complicated. Don’t let the outside world tell you differently or…read more

The Cutest Alice in Wonderland Gift Guide

Curious? Alice in Wonderland fans, there’s a new reason to stock up on goodies inspired by the Lewis Carroll-penned story turned Disney franchise – the Alice Through the Looking Glass film will be in theaters later this month. Out of all the Disney gifts for adults out there, I’m partial to these cute Alice-inspired ones….read more

17 Signs You're Obsessed With Summer

Ice cream, warm weather, pools, margaritas – I cannot contain my glee, because it’s finally Summer! It’s my favorite time of the year; you might even say I’m obsessed. Who doesn’t love a few months when it’s socially acceptable to wear comfy shorts and dresses all the time? If you get as pumped for the…read more