Monthly Archives: May 28, 2016

These Women Prevented a Date Rape

Sometimes all it takes to be a hero is trusting your gut and not being afraid of a potentially awkward conversation. Facebook user Sonia Ulrich posted this story Friday about how her and her girlfriends prevented a date rape at a restaurant in Santa Monica, and it’s a scary and sad reminder that you just…read more

This Reason This Teen Took His Mom to Prom Will Move You to Tears

The love between a mother and her child is incredibly powerful, and one teen proved that this week. Kerry Huffaker, from Twin Falls, ID, was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in February, reports ABC News. When her son Dylan Huffaker thought about who to take to prom this year, his first thought was his…read more

This Classic Detroit Wedding May Make You Nostalgic For the Snow

Just before couple Kim and Jacob tied the knot in Detroit around Thanksgiving, a severe snowstorm hit. “It was crazy,” photographer E Schmidt said. “But it was also so beautiful.” Snow and all, it was a perfect day for the lovebirds. Kim’s favorite memory was seeing Jacob for the first time when she walked down…read more

4 Reasons Your Hot Co-Worker Is Completely Off Limits

The new hire is in, and wow! He’s hot. Or . . . she’s amazingly gorgeous. And I am talking jaw-dropping, toe-curling, panty . . . (is “wetting” a word?) hot! You want to invite this co-worker to your desk ASAP for a chat on everything and anything related to work. OK, that’s a complete…read more

How to DIY the Perfect Summer Wedding Bouquet

Here’s proof DIY bouquets are easy to make – Style Me Pretty How to deal with family drama on your wedding day – Glamour See how Eva Longoria is spending her honeymoon – Brides Get carried away by this gorgeous beach wedding – Wedding Chicks This couple took wedding camping to another level – Green…read more

22 Solitaire Engagement Rings That Stand Out From the Rest

If you prefer a simple statement, you’ll love the look of a solitaire engagement ring. This design has one single diamond in the center that’s often round or a princess cut. We love the look because it’s timeless and works great for a variety of personalities. Check out this solitaire bling worn by real women…read more

5 Things All Brides Should Stand Up For

When planning a wedding, it’s easy for a bride’s voice to get lost among opinionated family members. Well guess what? If you’re the bride, it’s your wedding. It’s not fair when people who aren’t getting married try to make decisions about your big day. We know that sometimes you have to let things go, but…read more

8 Things Guys Are Embarrassed to Admit to You

Societally speaking, men are not believed to be the most emotional beings. Man is a statue, solid in form and relatively expressionless. Because of this societal presumption, men tend to embarrass easily when we stray from prospective “roles,” and the fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t. In reading this piece, you will see that…read more

6 Red Flags You Must Pay Attention to Before Getting Married

Getting married? It’s an exciting time and one of the greatest joys in your life. You are about to start a brand-new chapter in your life that is like no other chapter you have experienced before. However, perhaps there are a few things on your mind that you are afraid to say or note to…read more