Monthly Archives: September 9, 2016

When Emma Watson Recommends a Book, You Better Believe We’re Going to Read It

We’re obviously obsessed with Emma Watson’s feminist book club, and she’s just picked another book! So far Hermione, I mean, Emma has shared three recommendations in her Goodreads book club group, and her reads would make perfect picks for your own book club (or even to check things off the reading challenge). Keep reading to…read more

Ghouls Gone Wild! 60 Creative Girlfriend Group Costumes

You know the drill: you and your girlfriends spend weeks talking about your group costume only for Halloween to creep up on you without actually planning anything. The best holiday ever will be here sooner than you think, so now’s the time to whip up something. To help, we’re rounding up some cute and creative…read more

These Sexy Halloween Costumes For 2016 Are So Weird and Ridiculous

We just don’t get it. We’re all for the ladies rocking sexy Halloween costumes, but we don’t even know what to call these bizarre ensembles. We rounded up the weirdest costumes offered this year that are supposed to be sexy, but just leave us laughing instead. Check them out for yourself – you won’t believe…read more

My Polar Opposite Became My Husband – and I'm SO Glad

I scroll through my Instagram over 10 times a day, constantly Snapchat stories and catch Pokémon, all in a days work, and my partner hasn’t changed his Facebook profile picture in over a year. My ideal dinner consists of sashimi and his, porterhouse. While I obsess about how good One Direction is, he jams out…read more

This Peacock-Themed Wedding Looks Like a Rustic Fairytale

Kristal and Stacie truly had a wedding to remember. Green Gables in Pennsylvania set a fairy tale-like experience and guests were even surprised at the end of the night with fireworks. Handmade invitations and programs by Kristal gave their nuptials a personal touch, and the bold colors and metallic accents merged beautifully. Stacie and Kristal…read more