Monthly Archives: October 26, 2016

21 Gifts For Your Wine-Loving Best Friend That Are Better Than a Bottle

There’s a lot of wine-lovers out there, but some of us have that best friend who’s truly all about it. Their life motto: It’s wine o’clock somewhere. If your friend loves you just as much as she loves wine, she’s going to obsess over the gifts ahead. From adorable accessories to absolute essentials, you’ll find…read more

50 Gifts That Are Perfect to Buy For Your Girl Group

When you have a group of girlfriends, it can be difficult and pricey to choose individual gifts. We’ve found pretty, practical, and adorable choices that are probably already in your friends’ wish lists to make your life easier. Some come in packs for you to break out for each, and others are perfect to buy…read more

31 Gifts For Women Who Really F*cking Love to Swear

Some people say that women who curse sound less intelligent, and not only do I think that’s bullsh*t, but I think it’s pretty f*cking sexist, too. For all of us who know that getting your point across just feels better with an added F-bomb (or two), feast your eyes on these gifts for women who…read more

The 7 Most Popular BFF Costumes of 2016

Is there really anyone more fun to dress up with than your BFF? We really don’t think so. There were so many fun duos to come out of 2016, so we rounded up the most popular bestie Halloween costumes that will be popping up this year. Check out our definitive list to see if you…read more

20 Things That Will (Probably) Happen on Halloween in Your 20s

Gone are the days of trick-or-treating and apple bobbing – once your hit your 20s, Halloween turns into a completely different holiday. Booze over boos and less is more are just a couple things that characterize celebrating the holiday during this decade. As the countdown begins to this year’s festivities, prepare yourself for the 20…read more

This Bride Looked Like a Disney Princess Pulling Up in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Samantha and Dustin lived out a real-life fairy tale on their big day, down to the horse-drawn carriage that Samantha pulled up in. The gorgeous details of their rustic barnyard wedding really completed it all. From the gorgeous naked cake and mason jar centerpieces to the bride’s blush gown, the couple’s Summer nuptials looked unforgettable….read more