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These Parents Deserve an Award For Their Hilariously "Sexy" Couples Costume

Mom and Dad before their Halloween party. He’s a dill pickle. She’s a female deer. Together they’re a “dill-doe.” And also my heroes. – Brooke Bogin (@b_bogin) October 23, 2016 When it comes to Halloween costumes for couples, the options are truly endless. Sure, you can take the easy route and dress up as…read more

How to Have a Sensitive and Effective Conversation About Sexual Assault

Sexual violence is one of those topics that can make us feel incredibly uncomfortable to talk about. Even just researching it can bring up a range of emotions that are better left untouched, like fear, weakness, uncertainty, and isolation. But as something that affects one in five women in the US, it’s important to recognize…read more

This Real-Life Unicorn Cafe Is So Pretty and Magical We Could Cry

Currently researching plane tickets to Bangkok, because I literally cannot wait another second to visit the Unicorn Cafe. Yes, you read that correctly – a cafe filled with pastel colors, sugar, My Little Pony plushies, and pure magic. The little piece of heaven located in Thailand is a Lisa Frank-lover’s dream come true. Not only…read more

25 Halloween Costumes For the Most Romantic Couple on the Block

Have you watched Titanic 20 times? Can’t get past the scene where Ellie dies in Up without bawling? Then you’re a true romantic at heart. While many couples may either go the scary or funny route for Halloween, you’ll gravitate toward costumes that channel passion and love, whether that inspiration comes from The Notebook or…read more

18 Sexy, Spooky, and Silly Halloween Date Ideas

Ghouls, goblins, witches, and ghosts, get ready – Halloween is on the horizon. And while the frightful night is fun for families and friends, it can also make a hauntingly romantic holiday for couples. There are a number of ways to enjoy Oct. 31 with a significant other, whether you’re looking for something a little…read more

Disney Duos: 21 Brilliant Costumes For Best Friends

Cue “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” because these Disney costumes are perfect for BFFs. If you and your bestie are big-time Disney-lovers, you’ll adore these duo ideas for Halloween. Take a look at the most genius ideas and get seriously inspired. Related:No Boys Allowed: 30+ Duo Costumes to Rock With Your BFFThink Outside the…read more