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Monthly Archives: November 29, 2016

These Comics Nail Exactly What Being in a Long-Term Relationship Is Really Like

While the romance in a relationship doesn’t necessarily go away as time passes, it definitely changes. In many ways, it just gets sweeter. One artist captured the small, touching, and hilarious moments that make relationships particularly special. Twenty-one-year-old artist Catana Chetwynd – or Cat Chalks – created cute comics that sum up the best parts…read more

31 Gifts That Will Truly Impress Your Dad

Stumped on what to get your dad? Join the club. It’s always so hard to choose the perfect present for your number one guy. Whether your father is an outdoorsman, businessman, or funny guy, we’ve got gifts for every type of parent. Check out these presents perfect for your pops! Related:35 Gifts For the Guy…read more

See What Moana Looks Like IRL at Disneyland

I am everything I’ve learned and more 🌊🌀 #disneyland #disneyland61 #adventureland #moana A photo posted by dolewhipdani (@dolewhipdani) on Nov 25, 2016 at 6:16pm PST Disney’s new princess Moana has us excited for several reasons, including the fact that her story doesn’t include a love interest (though it does include a ton of adventure!). While…read more

25 Fun Winter Activities For You and Your Love

Winter is full of coziness, warmth, love, and giving, making it the most romantic season of them all. It’s when loved ones come together and when lovers cuddle up. Take full advantage of this magical time of the year with your significant other. Some adventurous and some that don’t require leaving your home, the ideas…read more

44 Things That Made Christmas in the ’90s All That

We aren’t ashamed to admit that we’re obsessed with the ’90s. After all, we’re talking about a decade that gave us Tamagotchi and Clueless! And as we listen to classic holiday albums by *NSYNC and Mariah Carey this month, we’re reminded yet again of what made Christmas in the ’90s so rad. There were cheesy…read more

Cringe-Worthy Vintage Ads From Christmas Past

Merry (almost) Christmas! Vintage ads are often terrible, but these holiday ads take offensive to a new low. Whether it’s Santa as a sex object or a cigarette carton for a sleigh, these ads are festive, fun, and totally inappropriate.

189 Enamel Pins For Wearing Your Personality on Your Sleeve (Literally)

It’s all about the pins! Enamel pins make the perfect gifts for friends, sisters, co-workers, and really anyone who likes to wear a little flair to show off their favorite things. From pizza to books, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they are small and inexpensive, so they work for stocking stuffers and white elephant gifts….read more