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12 Secret Tips That Make a Healthy Relationship Work

Have you ever wondered how happy couples stay so happy? Our friends at YourTango share the top 12 secrets from the happiest couples in the world. Several key behaviors stand out in order to help couples create a healthy relationship. We all know that relationships take work and here are several key behaviors stand out…read more

Sex in a Box: 7 Steamy Subscription Services

Forget the nice list, how about giving something a little naughty this holiday season? Even better, give the gift that keeps on giving year-round with a subscription box – like our own POPSUGAR Must Have Box – which usually contain a curated collection of trinkets on a monthly or quarterly basis based on your interests….read more

10 Sassy Quotes From the Women of The Brady Bunch

Florence Henderson, who played one of TV’s most iconic moms – Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch – has passed away at 82. The Brady Bunch aired for less than five years, but generations of TV watchers got to know the wholesome bunch thanks to decades of reruns. And sometimes the goody-goody family brought out…read more

189 Enamel Pins For Wearing Your Personality on Your Sleeve (Literally)

It’s all about the pins! Enamel pins make the perfect gifts for friends, sisters, co-workers, and really anyone who likes to wear a little flair to show off their favorite things. From pizza to books, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they are small and inexpensive, so they work for stocking stuffers and white elephant gifts….read more

17 Reasons Disney Cruises Are Even More Magical During the Holidays

No matter what time of year you decide to go on a Disney cruise, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an incredible time if you’re a Disney fan. But when the holidays start to near, a typical, fun-filled sailing adventure turns into a Winter wonderland adventure filled with seasonal additions. From over-the-top Christmas decor to…read more

23 Sweet, Surprising, Sexy Gifts For Your Single BFF

You know that girlfriend you have, the one who doesn’t have a significant other and is always getting sh*t for it? She might be single and ready to mingle, or maybe she’s unattached and very, very happy about it. She’s probably spent a good chunk of her annual salary on bridesmaids dresses, bachelorette parties, and…read more

15 Truly Majestic Narwhal Gifts

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. Except they’re real, which makes them so much better. If you’ve got a narwhal-obsessed friend, first of all, that’s awesome. Second of all, we rounded up the cutest gifts for your amazing pal. Check out our favorite picks. Related:33 Mermaid Gifts For Aspiring Ariels30 Cute Gifts For Girls…read more

22 LOL-Worthy White Elephant Gifts For Funny Friends

White elephant gift exchanges are the perfect excuse to sit around with your friends and have a laugh. If you want to bring the most hilarious present to the group, we’ve got you covered. These clever choices will have your buds cracking up all season long. Related:20 Fun Under-$20 Gifts For GirlfriendsWhich Gift Should You…read more

20 Steampunk Novels to Read If You're Looking For Something Different

We’ve included the steampunk genre in our 2017 reading challenge, but some readers may be wondering: what even is a “steampunk novel”? According to the Oxford Dictionary, steampunk is “a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.” Some consider the 1990 “alternative history novel”…read more