Monthly Archives: December 17, 2016

Prepare to Swoon – This Boyfriend Coordinates Outfits With His Dog

my boyfriend has started coordinating his outfits with his dog i’ve never felt so BLESSED – jolly cokey (@emilydaysea) December 13, 2016 Well-dressed men already make us swoon as it is. But a fashionable man posing alongside an equally as stylish puppy dressed in similar attire? We simply can’t handle the cuteness. So when…read more

2 Women Just Fought Off an Armed Robber With . . . Dildos?

CRAZY SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Sex store employees fight off armed robber by throwing adult toys at him. @ABC7 at 4pm – Rob McMillan (@abc7robmcmillan) December 15, 2016 Just when we thought 2016 couldn’t possibly get any weirder, it did. Shocker. Some interesting surveillance footage just surfaced showing two women defending themselves from an armed robber…read more

28 Awesome Gifts Your Brother Will Love

Every year, I have no idea what to get my brother. He’s one of my best friends, so I want to choose something that’s both fun and thoughtful! This year, I did some hardcore research and discovered brilliant gift ideas that he will be thrilled to get. Check out these presents that will make you…read more

If This Is Your Name, You Would Do REALLY Well on Tinder

What are the most attractive names in America? Tinder has all the answers. The dating app just released its 10 most swiped-right names of 2016 for both men and women. To be honest, we’re not totally shocked by the results – they’re all pretty common names. Did you make the list? If so, congratulations. You…read more

23 Funny Little Stocking Stuffers

Why do we take stocking stuffers so seriously? They’re the little last-minute gifts that are fun to open, so you might as well make them funny as well. We found a bunch of humorous presents that friends and family will be thrilled to open on Christmas morning. Remember, the witty gifts are the most memorable…read more

7 Tips to Make Holiday Shopping For Your SO Less Stressful

I consider myself an excellent gift-giver, partly because I hold several gold medals when it comes to shopping, but mostly because I truly enjoy surprising people with gifts that show how well I know them. Holiday shopping, however, especially for your partner, is a whole other ball game. It’s completely normal to feel pressure to…read more

Snuggle Up With These 22 Books Perfect For Fireside Reading

They’re saying that this Winter is going to be our worst one yet, but as long as you’ve got a good book, you’re covered! (A warm fire to curl up next to would be pretty ideal, too.) If you’re looking for what to use all of those holiday gift cards on, may we suggest these…read more

Belle Would Be Proud of the Bride's Gown in This Magical Disney Wedding

Brittany and Alan’s story is straight out of a movie – they’re childhood best friends and high school sweethearts. Beauty and the Beast has been Brittany’s favorite Disney movie since she was a kid, so she had the wedding of her dreams that was themed after the film. Their aquarium nuptials featured silver and Alfred…read more