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33 Tiny but Fierce Feminist Tattoos

Feminists come in many different forms, but smashing the patriarchy is a goal we all have in common. Now more than ever, we need the strength and hope to get up each day and keep fighting for equality for all people. These tiny tattoos are subtle, but their feminist messages are not. Related:31 Ink Ideas…read more

13 Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts For Your SO

If you want to make your valentine feel extra special this year, look for something that will stand out from the rest. Personalize the gift to fit your SO’s initials or your relationship, and we promise they’ll cherish it even more. From customized ice cream pints to monogrammed jewelry, we’ve found 13 thoughtful items to…read more

3 Important Feminist Lessons I Learned From My Grandmother

My 81-year-old grandmother Eleanor is not exactly a wallflower. She’s equal parts blunt and charming, a true believer in both fighting for the underdog and preparing three times as much food as necessary for any given meal. If you met her, she would befriend you in five minutes or less before immediately inviting your entire…read more

This Gorgeous DIY Festival-Inspired Wedding Has Succulents and Star Wars

It’s possible to have an elegant wedding with festival flair and geeky touches. Nytasha and Joe had a completely DIY wedding with a Gatsby-meets-festival theme and Star Wars accents. Their nuptials featured lots of succulent plants, color, glow sticks, and cheesecake. What else do you need? See their photos! Related:You’ve Got to See the Light…read more

15 Ways to Heal and Get Your Groove Back After Divorce

Finding a new normal after divorce can take some time, especially if you’re feeling very wounded over the loss of the marriage. It is so important though, even more than dating or anything postdivorce, to allow yourself to heal and feel good again. You’ll be no good to anyone, much less yourself, if you don’t…read more

How to Bring the Excitement and Passion Back to Date Night

Are date nights not as fun as they once were? Our friends at YourTango share how to bring back the excitement. Take a little “US” time. In 2015, people in the United States spent over NINE BILLION DOLLARS on the self-improvement industry. That includes self-help books, seminars, videos, personal coaching – anything that’s targeted towards…read more

Thanks to a Heartbreaking Listing, This Widower Finally Found a Fishing Buddy

After losing his previous fishing mate, Ray Johnstone took to the internet to see if anyone would like to join him in his future land fishing endeavors. What the 75-year-old Australian widower didn’t realize, however, is that his heartbreaking listing would end up attracting thousands of people interested in being his next fishing buddy. On…read more

Healing Crystal Dildos Are Here to Make Your Vagina a Magical Place

A photo posted by Chakrubs™ (@chakrubs) on Jul 27, 2016 at 1:02pm PDT Healing crystals have been a wellness trend for quite some time now, with a cult following of people who swear by their therapeutic properties. While some choose to harness the rocks’ energy in the form of pyramid-shaped decor or jewelry, one innovative…read more