Monthly Archives: February 24, 2017

26 Magical Crystal Pipes That Make Smoking Weed Look Classy as Hell

You could be seeing rainbows and sparkling crystals the next time you blaze – not because of what you’re smoking, but because of what you’re smoking out of. Crystal pipes are beautiful alternatives to your average smoking device, and we’re obsessed. Whether you swear by the healing properties of crystals or just think they are…read more

Why Having Chemistry Can Actually Be Dangerous to a Relationship

Meet Brad. Brad is very attractive, he’s confident, and he’s a manipulative assh*le. No one likes Brad – but you. You both get along effortlessly, the sex is great, and you have an amazing connection. Ever dated a Brad? According to witty self-help book F*ck Love by Michael Bennett, MD, and his daughter Sarah Bennett,…read more

Taking "Sex Breaks" From Work Might Soon Be an Option For Employees

Employees in Sweden are allowed an hour break to exercise their bodies in the middle of the workday, but one politician in the country wants them to use that hour for, you guessed it, sex. “There are studies that show sex is healthy,” Per-Erik Muskos, a 42-year-old city councillor of Ă–vertornea, told the AFP news…read more

16 Incredible Belle Costumes That Bring Beauty and the Beast to Life

While we eagerly await the arrival of the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, we can’t help but admire all the amazing Belle cosplays. From her short blue dress to her sweeping yellow gown, people have truly brought the Disney princess to life. Whether you want to dress up for the movie premiere or…read more

This Exquisite Vietnamese Wedding Is Like a Pink-and-Gold Garden Wonderland

Florals can really set the tone of a wedding, but the decor in Isabelle and Tho’s stunning garden nuptials truly made a statement. The couple had both a traditional Vietnamese ceremony and a modern reception at Parc Jean-Drapeau’s Floralies Gardens in Montreal. Their venue was surrounded by intricate gardens and the theme continued inside the…read more

This Professor's Quiz on Heterosexuality Makes a Crucial Point About LGBTQ Misconceptions

my professor isn’t taking anyone’s shit – elise (@sincerelyelise) February 21, 2017 Some people don’t take the time to understand sexual identities, but one professor is trying to change that. Twitter user sincerelyelise went to her college class and receieved a quiz that was both surprising and utterly brilliant. Her professor titled the page…read more

Wedding Trend of the Year: Back to Basics

Call it the wedding paradox: couples get so intent on having a “personalized” wedding that they all start to look the same. Signature cocktail? Check. DIY photo booth? Definitely. But rather than send a unique statement, these overdone details send the message that you’re just like everyone else. And with so many brides using Pinterest…read more