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3 Sex Positions Virgos Will Love

The Virgo sign is most associated with being prude, conservative, and slightly vanilla. I mean, their zodiac symbol is the virgin. But let’s go ahead and change that mindset to the fact that Virgos can get down. They might not wear their heart on their sleeve and they tend to shy away from PDA, but…read more

Here's What Really Goes Down at a Clothing-Optional "Erotic" Couples Resort

My boyfriend and I excitedly opened the door to our gorgeous beachfront suite, unsure of what to expect when we entered. While away at dinner, our special selection from a “fantasy menu” at Desire Pearl, a clothing-optional, couples-only resort in Mexico, was being set up for us. We crossed the threshold in anticipation, thinking we…read more

20 Crystal Tattoos That Totally Rock

People are obsessed with crystals for a number of reasons, a couple of them being their supposed healing properties and magical aesthetic. Their striking beauty especially makes for great tattoo inspiration, which many have followed. We’ve found crystal tattoo ideas for anyone looking to always carry good vibes with them wherever they go. Some are…read more

11 Things Only Your BFF Knows About You

Let’s be real, there are some things you’re only going to tell your best friend. You know the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? Well, BFFs are basically the human version of Vegas. They keep all your secrets, and you never have to worry about them spilling. Here’s some stuff that we bet…read more

10 Embroidery Hoops That Make Dope Gifts For Stoners

With the rise in popularity of needlepoint, we of course had to find fun embroidery hoops for stoners. They make cute gifts for all your weed-smoking friends and add some flair to the home. See some of our favorites ahead! Related21 Hilarious Embroidery Hoops You’ll Want to Hang on Your Wall Source: Suger

This Vibrant Wedding Was Filled With So Much Culture, Color, and Love

Mayuri and Brent incorporated both of their cultures into their vibrant wedding. They held a Hindu ceremony followed by an American reception, and both were equally stunning. Everyone dressed in beautiful traditional garments for the first half at a Hindu temple, adding so much color and life to the occasion. The bride and groom then…read more

Count Your Roses to Decode Your Special Someone's Hidden Message

As old superstitions fade and Emily Post-like etiquette evolves, you’re probably not counting the number of roses or orchids or hydrangeas you receive from your special someone. But the number of roses a man once gave a woman held hidden meanings, so check out what your significant other either intentionally or, more likely, unintentionally told…read more

113 Reasons Being a 2000s Girl Was So Fetch You Can't Even Deny It

Remember the glorious decade of the 2000s? Of course you do; it was amazing. Being a girl during that time was the best. You could zip up your Rocawear tracksuit, slip on some Heelys, and wheel right out of the house with a boom box in hand blasting “I’m a Slave 4 U.” Maybe you…read more