Monthly Archives: April 1, 2017

Why Do We Have Separate Engagement and Wedding Bands?

The origin of engagement rings and wedding bands isn’t as rooted in love as you might’ve assumed. The tradition of rings as symbols of marriage in general traces back to the ancient Egyptians, who linked circles with the concept of eternity. Married couples typically wore braided reeds on their left ring finger because they believed…read more

15 Cute Products For the Unicorn Wedding of Your Dreams

If you’re an aspiring unicorn bride, you need to have the wedding to match, of course. We rounded up the cutest products we could uncover for the ultimate magical, rainbow wedding. Take a look at all these fun unicorn items for your big day and get some major inspiration! Related:32 Unicorn Products That Will Make…read more

These "Fairidescent" Mickey Mouse Ears Might Be Even Better Than Pixie Dust

It won’t take Tinker Bell’s pixie dust to give your next Disney vacation a magical touch, just these “fairidescent” mouse ears! Picture this: all the futuristic fun of iridescence, the rainbow goodness of unicorns, and the sparkle of fairies rolled into one. There you have it – fairidescence! And this gorgeous, fairy-like effect lends itself…read more

12 Harry Potter Engagement Rings For When You’re Ready to Say "Always"

The biggest Harry Potter fans are not shy about showing their love. We’ve seen Muggle couples even theme their weddings after the books and movies, so it doesn’t surprise us that there are Harry Potter-inspired engagement rings out there too. Luckily, we were able to discover some gorgeous varieties that even nonfans might consider one…read more