Monthly Archives: May 4, 2017

Why Are Feminists So Into Vagina Crystals?

As of late, many feminists (myself included) have been drawn to the power of crystal healing, particularly vaginal and womb crystal healing. We’re fascinated by the intersectionality of healing, feminism, and vagina confidence found in crystals. Now, crystals are no new thing. Ask anyone who lives in LA. The first known use of crystals dates…read more

Why I Wanted a Small Wedding – and Why You Might Too

Seven years and two kids ago, my (now) husband knelt on a moonlit boat dock in Camden, ME, and asked if I would love him forever. For me, it was a no-brainer. I wept and said yes. There was no one there but us and the moon and the swaying boats in the harbor. There…read more

Since Moving Out of My Boyfriend's House, Our Love Is Stronger Than Ever

With hard work, determination, and a whole lot of honesty, Jamie Thurber from YourTango strengthened her relationship for the better. And here’s why… Almost three years ago I moved out of my boyfriend’s house. After living together for over a year and a half, he dropped a huge bomb on me. Something that could have…read more

11 Crazy Things Only Your BFF Would Do For You

Is your BFF the real MVP? We’ve got an easy way to know. There are some things that regular friends just won’t do for you. Best friends, however, will literally do anything. They’ve got your back no matter what. If your bestie has done any of the following actions for you, get your ass over…read more

15 Types of Single Girls We All Know

Whether you’re a single girl or you know a few, everyone has a different attitude about going it alone. Each single lady has her own distinguishable character, so we’re naming the 15 types of girls we all undoubtedly know. Keep reading to see if you can put your friends into these hilarious – but accurate…read more

Is Kink the Future of Monogamy?

Finding the person you want to spend your life with is amazing. That’s such an enormous hurdle for many of us. We all want to find love, and once we have it, life is pretty amazing. But, what happens once we find love? And furthermore, what happens to our sex lives? When it comes to…read more

The Internet Is Losing Its Sh*t Over This Absurd "Lapping Tongues" Sex Toy

The internet is up in arms over a certain sex toy that basically looks like everything but what it’s meant to be. Produced by “the sexual happiness people” over at Lovehoney, the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator ($40) features a battery-powered wheel with 10 rotating silicone tongues that operate at not one but three possible…read more

15 Thoughtful Embroidery Hoops For Newlyweds

Newly engaged or married couples will always remember the unique gifts their loved ones give them. If you’re looking for a present that’s both sentimental and beautiful, an embroidery hoop would be the perfect option. We found some thoughtful choices that are sure to leave an impression! Related19 Cute and Clever Embroidery Hoops Perfect For…read more