Monthly Archives: June 1, 2017

10 Sex-Filled Foreign-Language Films You Can Stream on Netflix

If you think watching a half-naked woman or man whisper sweet nothings into their lover’s ear is sexy, imagine how much sexier it is when those sweet nothings are in French. Foreign cinema isn’t afraid to bring on the heat when it comes to romance and eroticism, and lucky for us, Netflix is full of…read more

16 Sugary-Sweet Products For Doughnut-Lovers

If I could bury myself in a pool of doughnuts, I would. They’ve got everything I could ever need in life – carbs, sugar, sprinkles, and a perfect hole for optimal grasping. I’m starting to see the circles of sweet goodness all over products like clothes, home goods, and tech accessories. If you’re a doughnut-lover…read more

Couples Reveal the 1 Thing They Won't Tell Their Friends

Everyone has secrets or things that he or she doesn’t want to share with anyone. Why would couples be any different? That intimacy and closeness has to come with a large dose of trust and a certain amount of exclusivity. While many couples I asked were hesitant to share anything that could incriminate them, these…read more