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16 Fun-Size Bachelorette Party Favors

There’s something about mini products that makes them significantly better than the original. Not only are their small-packaged sizes adorable, but they’re also optimal for gifting as wedding or bachelorette party favors if you don’t feel like going the DIY route. To add some personality to your event, check out 16 fun-size items ahead! Related59…read more

14 of the Sexiest TV Shows You Can Stream on Netflix in July

If you’re devoted to a series, there’s nothing more shocking than when characters consummate a relationship, whether it’s a random hookup or a culmination of seasons-long tension. In the golden age of television, lovemaking scenes have become more elaborate, honest, and, of course, frequent. It’s not so taboo to see them anymore, whether you’re watching…read more

7 Wedding Registry Sites That Could Make Your Engagement So Much Easier

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now you get to request a bunch of gifts from your friends and family – but how? Gone (mostly) are the days of registering for silver and china at your local fancy department store. Couples have migrated to online registry services because they are easy to navigate and are convenient for guests,…read more

8 Relationship Habits to Form Right Now

Instead of focusing on bad habits you need to break in your relationship, give things a positive spin. Developing good habits with your partner is something you can work on together, and practicing these eight things will make you stronger than ever. 1. Tell each other about your days. Each day, make a point to…read more

26 Beach Gifts For Your Girlfriends

What’s a Summer without the beach? Answer: it does not exist. If you and your girlfriends plan to spend a lot of time (safely) soaking up the sun, consider a few beach-inspired gifts for your favorite ladies, such as the 26 pretty picks ahead. (Oh, and feel free to treat yourself, too.) Source: Suger

What Causes Morning Wood?

Morning Glory, Morning Wood, Prebreakfast Boner (I made that last one up) – whatever you want to call it, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon. If you’ve ever woken up a) with a penis or b) next to a penis, you’ve experienced the noticeable sheet-tent and maybe even felt the tap of an eager member…read more

16 Marriage Quotes That Will Make You LOL and Nod Your Head

“Love may be blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.” While the honeymoon phase is sweet, the real essence of a marriage is so much more. You and your partner learn about each other in intimate ways you never knew existed, and both of you are tested changed as result. Also, marriage can be f*cking hilarious….read more

Celebrate Period Freedom With This Tampon Delivery Service

I despise plastic tampon applicators; I cringe at the idea of using a piece of wasteful plastic once and throwing it in the trash. For decades, I have used applicator-free OB tampons almost exclusively, which is one reason I’ve avoided monthly subscription services like Lola and Cora. While I couldn’t be happier to see so…read more

22 Romantic Love Songs For Summer Days and Nights

There’s nothing more romantic than falling in love under the Summer sun, and whether the relationship ends up lasting or remains a Summer fling, it deserves a fitting soundtrack to capture the whole affair. We’ve got you covered with country love songs for the season, and below is a Spotify playlist that has Summer love…read more

21 Summer Date Ideas

Summer isn’t a time to stay indoors and be lazy – it’s the best season to go out and do fun stuff! If you’re stumped on date ideas, we’ve put together a list of creative options that will keep you entertained all Summer long. Check them out! Related40 Outdoor Date Ideas For Summer Lovin’ …read more