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Disney Princesses as the Women of Game of Thrones

Disney princess art is kind of an obsession of ours, and this new batch of reimagined ladies has a very cool pop culture twist. Artist Sam Tsui created these Disney princesses as Game of Thrones characters – and they are totally spot-on. Click through to see these artistic versions of the animated royalty! RelatedWhy Life…read more

What Would a Disney Princess Do?

The Disney princesses have definitely gone through their fair share of ups and downs, in love, friendship, and all sorts of other weird issues. We’re taking a look at some of our favorite Disney princess moments to imagine how the animated heroines might react in certain situations. All your 21st-century problems, solved. Related16 Adorable Swimsuits…read more

Son's Message About His Mom: "Tattoos Don't Define People"

When Jordan Miller was talking to his mom, Misti Johnson, he was surprised to learn something new about her job as a registered nurse: some hospitals are very strict when it comes to tattoos and their employees. This statement left Jordan confused because when he looks at his mom in her scrubs, the visible ink…read more

What It's Like to Have Endometriosis, Straight From Someone Who Does

An estimated 5 million women in the United States suffer from endometriosis – and we need to talk about it. In recent years, countless brave women and outspoken celebrities have begun sharing their struggle with the previously downplayed uterine disorder. That being said, those who aren’t too familiar with endometriosis still have many unresolved questions….read more

How This Man Shamed a Woman on Their First Date Proves Exactly Why She Was Right

Unreal… – Angry! Angri! AngrĂ©! (@steenfox) July 18, 2017 First dates can be nerve-racking because of the potential for a great (or not-so-great) experience. But they can also have some people feeling on edge beforehand because this unknown means that there can be danger. This is especially true for blind dates, when you’ve never…read more

This Earthy Bridal Brunch at Home Is Every Minimalist's Dream

If you have no idea how you want to celebrate your engagement with your girls but want to keep things simple, consider throwing a cozy bridal brunch at your home. It’s also a great morning-after idea if you want to keep the festivities going past the bachelorette party. Atomic Furnishing & Design and a team…read more

16 Disney Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Sure, we may have been kids when some of our favorite Disney movies came out, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t take plenty of the lessons learned from them with us to adulthood. Disney taught us about life – like what real friendship is and what it means to love someone. We may have been…read more

What It's Like to Host a "Weeding" and Get Married at a Weed Dispensary

When recreational marijuana officially became legal in Nevada on July, 1, Anna and Mark Balfe-Taylor gave friends and family a second reason to celebrate. The nontraditional couple exchanged vows at a massive marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas the same day this controversial law went into effect. Anna, in an antique Versace dress, walked down an…read more

Calling All Disney Fans: These Princess-Dress Blankets Will Be Your Newest Obsession

Forget about mermaid blankets, there’s a new must-have couch accessory for those who prefer to snuggle in style: princess-gown blankets. These hand-crocheted creations are a mix between your favorite Disney princess’s gown and your grandma’s homemade blanket. The final creation is like a Snuggie worthy of royalty, and these gown blankets are perfect for Disney…read more