Monthly Archives: August 2, 2017

The Best of the Bond Girls, From Casino Royale to Spectre

We all love seeing Daniel Craig transformed into his suited-up secret agent alter ego, but where would James Bond be without his girls? Any actresses who land the coveted roles have big shoes – and bikinis – to fill with iconic women starring as Bond girls before them. The very first Bond girl, Linda Christian,…read more

11 of the Most Anticipated Romance Reads in August

It’s time for our sexy August must reads! This month’s list includes everything from doms and subs to sexy billionaire businessmen, hot Hollywood actors, seductive cowboys, and so much more. Did your most anticipated book make the cut? Check out even more steamy Summer reads here! RelatedDive Into This Summer’s Best New Beach Reads! …read more

12 New Books You Should Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The answer to absolutely everything can be found in the stars – yes, even which books we should have on our nightstands. We rounded up the 12 hottest books of the season and matched them with all 12 star signs for the best reading chemistry. Trust us, astrology doesn’t lie when it comes to these…read more

The Very Best Fall Date For Your Zodiac Sign

Fall is one of the best times of year for couples in particular because of all the cozy seasonal activities. Almost each one calls for cuddling up at some point. Combine that with some body-warming drinks and treats, and you’ve got the perfect date. In case the number of fun Fall options becomes too overwhelming,…read more

Why You Need to See This Woman in Lingerie – and Not Just Because She's Sexy

As a single mom, Natalie Wicks has struggled with her body image. Her insecurities aren’t due to any stretch marks, cellulite, or her relationship status, but instead due to what cancer did to her body. While battling cervical cancer in 2015, Natalie had a urostomy, and although she credits the procedure that redirects her urine…read more