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11 Game of Thrones Couple Tattoos to Get With the Moon of Your Life

If your love of Game of Thrones and for your significant other are eternal, show it with some permanent ink. From matching “valar morghulis” and “valar dohaeris” tattoos to plenty of “sun and stars” and “moon of my life” references, these couple tattoos are the ultimate Game of Thrones inspiration. Related30+ Matching Tattoos For Couples…read more

An Open Letter to My 18-Year-Old College Self

Dear College Girl, It has been almost 25 years since I graduated from college. I’ve now been a college graduate for over half of my life, if I’m doing the math correctly, and there is always an excellent chance that I’m not. And while I am most amazed at the reality that I am old…read more

The Worst Thing You Can Do After a Breakup – and What to Try Instead

Overpartying, revenge sex, and self-isolation are just some of the unhealthy ways to go about a breakup. When you’re at your lowest, you stop caring about what’s good or bad for you and allow yourself to fall into destructive behavior. And according to Elle Huerta, CEO and founder of breakup app Mend, there’s one thing…read more

We Love That the Bride and Groom Said Their Vows at the Place They Both Grew Up

Ashley and Bobby’s Southern nuptials successfully incorporated traditional elements with more fun flair like mercury-beaded centerpieces to match their relationship. The bride envisioned an elegant wedding featuring a palette of ivory, champagne, and blush colors, which made everything from the wedding party’s attire to the florals blend beautifully. The gorgeous sanctuary where the couple said…read more

7 Places to Travel to Alone After a Breakup

Traveling by yourself can offer so many benefits, including self-growth, independence, and a fresh perspective. But it’s also a fantastic remedy for heartbreak. (Ever read/seen Eat Pray Love?) When speaking with Elle Huerta, CEO and founder of personal breakup coach Mend, about breakup self-care tips, we discussed how solo travel can help in the process….read more

35 Collarbone Tattoos That Are Subtle and SO Sexy

With tattoos, it’s all about placement. Where you get inked says a lot about the artwork itself, and a sexy and subtle collarbone tattoo is the perfect way to get your point across. We rounded up 30-plus beautiful ideas for collarbone ink; read on to see! Related43 Bangin’ (and Beautiful) Tattoos Source: Suger