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These Sexy ’90s Movie Scenes Will Make You Sweat

The golden era of the ’90s was packed with more than just iconic looks and boy bands. It was also a time of fantastic films, and some pretty sexy ones at that. Some you’ll recognize immediately (remember that steamy car scene in Titanic?), while others might require a little jogging of the memory. But don’t…read more

The Naked Rowers Are Back With a New Calendar, and We Want 27 Copies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, the Warwick Rowers have posted the 2018 calendar for sale, and we want one for every room of our homes. The British rowing club has been producing this calendar since 2009, and while we love the fact that it’s made of extremely attractive guys wearing…read more

21 Tiny Tattoo Ideas That Are Insanely Sexy

Getting some new ink is a great way to feel sexy. If you want a tattoo that’s subtle, we’ve found some tiny options that are perfect. These ideas are downright bangin’ – check out the sultry designs for yourself. Related35 Collarbone Tattoos That Are Subtle and SO Sexy

Why Having Chemistry Can Actually Be Dangerous to a Relationship

Meet Brad. Brad is very attractive, he’s confident, and he’s a manipulative assh*le. No one likes Brad – but you. You both get along effortlessly, the sex is great, and you have an amazing connection. Ever dated a Brad? According to witty self-help book F*ck Love by Michael Bennett, MD, and his daughter Sarah Bennett,…read more

There's an All-Denim Disney Collection and We Can't Pick Just 1 Thing!

Just how far will you go for your love of Disney? After looking at SIWY’s denim collection with Disney, we’re thinking pretty far. The LA-based denim brand collaborated with Disney on an exclusive capsule collection of denim styles for the launch of shopDisney, and the pieces will knock your mouse ears off. While undeniably pretty…read more

This Camp Wedding Is Rustic, Elegant, and Inspiring

Analise and Thomas faced a unique challenge early on in their relationship, but their love held strong, and their romantic, joyful Washington wedding is testament to that. Analise told us a little bit about their story: About three months into our relationship I was not feeling well and was battling some other health issues in…read more

11 Sexy Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Off in Your 30s

“Sexy” doesn’t have to mean “skanky” when it comes to Halloween costumes – especially when you’re a postcollegiate working woman who’s more likely to attend book clubs and baby showers than go bar hopping and play beer pong. If you follow Leslie Knope’s advice when it comes to your Oct. 31 style – “sophisticated with…read more