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Don’t Spend a Fortune This Halloween – These Costumes are Under $15

Halloween costumes have gotten really expensive. If the idea of shelling out $50 to $60 for a costume is scarier than any horror movie you can think of, take a deep breath. We’ve searched for affordable Halloween costumes that won’t hurt your wallet. Ladies who prefer a spooky outfit will love the skeleton dress we…read more

This Modern Take on Disney Princesses Will Make You Want to Be Their BFF

If the Disney princesses lived in 2017, we imagine that Pocahontas would have a job in the environmental sciences and practice painting in her all-natural garden during her free time. Belle would frequent coffee shops, reading poetry by long-dead artists and cleverly dodging the advances of heart-eyed baristas and tech bros. Snow White would be…read more

34 Empowering Feminist Phone Cases

Screw sexism, and f*ck the patriarchy. In the climate we’re living in, banding together to support intersectional feminism is a necessity, and embracing the strength we have when we band together is empowering. Keep important feminist reminders close by with 34 phone cases that display your beliefs loud and proud – and in the prettiest…read more

Why I’ll Never Be Part of a Girl Clique

I’m a lone ranger. Believe me: I’ve tried time and time again, but there’s something about the dynamics of the typical “girl gang” and me that just doesn’t fit. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, then this one is for you. I’ve been to an all-girls school, worked in all-female environments, and even…read more

The 1 Thing Real Brides Would Have Changed About Their Weddings

I’m in the middle of planning a wedding, and it recently struck me that I am surrounded by ton of married people whom I can mine for free advice. I turned to the brides in my life and asked one question: if they could do their weddings all over again, what would they have done…read more

15 Mind-Blowing Sex Toys For $30 or Less

Sex toys don’t have to be purchased from an expensive adult store – they can easily be found online at all price points. In fact, some of the best ones are surprisingly affordable. We’ve rounded up a delightful variety of expert-approved toys that will pack a delicious punch and provide tons of pleasure. And at…read more

19 Tasteful Nude Tattoos That Celebrate The Female Form

Whether you’re loving the skin you’re in or need a little more encouragement in the self-love stakes, these 19 nude tattoos are bound to make you want to wear your body-positivity on your sleeve. Related43 Bangin’ (and Beautiful) Tattoos Source: Suger