Monthly Archives: October 31, 2017

This Couple Threw a Classic New York City Wedding With a Mexican-Jewish Twist

Dominique and Roberto flew over 200 guests from Mexico to New York City to celebrate their wedding on Mexico’s Independence Day. Friends and family gathered at the Central Park Boathouse, where the couple incorporated both Mexican and Jewish traditions, including the lasso ceremony. A rope in the shape of the number eight was placed on…read more

Is Love in the Stars? Check Your 2018 Zodiac Forecast

Next year, love may be in the air (if you’re a lucky sign, that is). Now that 2017 is coming to a close, it’s time to open your hearts to new relationships, ones both platonic and intimate. You may have gotten engaged or married or rekindled a previous flame this past year – and if…read more

20 Gifts Your 20-Something Boyfriend Will Love

Giving presents to your significant other can be a real stressor, that’s why we’re here to be your holiday shopping spirit guide. Take a deep breath and open your Internet browser; it’s never too early to begin holiday shopping. If you’ve got a boyfriend in his 20s, we have a whole guide of gifts perfect…read more

These Newlyweds Celebrated Their Marriage With a Sweet At-Home Photo Session

When Ryan and Molly returned from their honeymoon, the couple decided to get newlywed pictures taken as their wedding gift to each other. Since the first year of marriage is so special, they wanted to capture those memories in their adopted hometown of Indianapolis with their rescue dog, Yoda. It was important that the photos…read more

45 Unicorn Gifts That Are Downright Enchanting

Maybe unicorns aren’t real, but they are real cute. You don’t need to be 12 years old to rock your mythical-creature pride; we have found 45 awesome unicorn gifts for grown-ass women. Check out all the adorable options and add them to your holiday wishlist. Source: Suger

9 Reasons Relationships Succeed

The difference between a relationship set for success vs. one that’s destined for failure is a number of things, not just a single factor. But the good news is that signs of a healthy partnership are often interlinked with another, so if you have one of the characteristics, you’re probably in good standing for the…read more

35 Gifts For the Guy Who Basically Has Everything

Men can be the toughest nut to crack when it comes to shopping. They aren’t always vocal about what they want (and don’t have 12,000 Pinterest boards like we do), and to make things worse, anything they have their eye on, they buy themselves. But we’re here to help! No matter what your guy’s interests…read more

94 Romantic Movies You Can Watch on Netflix in November

With colder weather approaching, Netflix has given us even more reason to stay in through the month of November with its new romantic selections. Twilight and The Break-Up will no longer be available for streaming come the first, but there’s plenty of other movies to catch up on ahead. See 94 options, from romantic comedies…read more