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16 Hilarious Gifts For Your Friend Who Hates People

If you’re just not a people person, embrace it. There’s no use in forcing fake interactions when it’s just not who you are. People can be pretty awful sometimes and being social can be draining – I feel you on that. Fortunately, there are some gifts out there that represent you perfectly. Keep reading if…read more

22 Kiss-Friendly New Year's Eve Date Ideas

Planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your love? No need to stress about fun date options, because we’ve got you covered with 22 sweet and sexy ideas. A cozy, intimate night in, a fancy evening out in your favorite party dress – whatever you have in mind, these suggestions are sure to help you…read more

22 Last-Minute Gifts For Boyfriends

Take a breath, don’t panic. You might not have a present for your boyfriend yet, but we’re here to help. We found amazing gift ideas from places that offer expedited shipping and awesome deals. Take a look at these wonderful items you can get to your door by Christmas Eve. Now get to shopping! Related20…read more

38 Tear-Inducing Father/Daughter Wedding Moments

There’s something about the bond between a dad and his daughter, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of special wedding traditions that center on this special relationship. Some of the most emotionally charged moments – aside from those between the bride and groom, of course – include the father/daughter dance and the…read more

44 White Elephant Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Love

If we’re being perfectly honest, nobody actually needs any of these white elephant gifts. But we promise that your friends will be ecstatic when they get their hands on these presents. If you’re looking to buy a gift with a little humor to it, look no further. Check out all 44 brilliant products you’ll actually…read more

7 Tips to Make Holiday Shopping For Your SO Less Stressful

I consider myself an excellent gift-giver, partly because I hold several gold medals when it comes to shopping, but mostly because I truly enjoy surprising people with gifts that show how well I know them. Holiday shopping, however, especially for your partner, is a whole other ball game. It’s completely normal to feel pressure to…read more

4 Ways to Make Your Orgasm Last Longer

If you’re already orgasming, that’s awesome. But what if there was a way to actually make those orgasms last longer, so that you’re getting those powerful sensations for a few extra glorious minutes. Turns out, you’re in luck – you can prolong your orgasms with a few simple tricks. While you can do these with…read more

The Weird, Psychological Reason We Crave Sex With Our Exes

Sleeping with your ex is tempting – it’s familiar and less daunting than having sex with someone new – but sometimes our desires are confusing and also unreasonable. In case you were wondering why you want to get with your ex again, Lori Beth Bisbey at YourTango can give you an in-depth explanation. We know…read more

14 Sexy Gifts For Your BFF

SOs aren’t the only people who can gift something sexy. This year, give your BFF something that will make her look good and feel good in more ways than one. It doesn’t matter if she’s single or taken – a girl can always use a new set of intimates or bedroom accessories to bring out…read more