Monthly Archives: November 27, 2017

Country Love Songs Guaranteed to Make You Cry

Aside from looking sexy in a cowboy hat, country musicians are really, really good at writing and performing songs that make you bawl your eyes out. The love songs, especially, can just rip your heart out. Bad breakups, first love, the death of a spouse, wives waiting for their soldiers to come home – it’s…read more

The Best Winter Date Ideas For Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking to get outdoors and have some fun this Winter, and maybe find some love in the process, you might want to ask the stars what “dream” date could make all those wishes come true. Sure, you might be thinking, “But it’s so damn cold outside!” and figure that curling up in a…read more

Should You Get a Prenup? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First

The idea of getting a prenup agreement before walking down the aisle, saying “I do,” and sealing it with a smooch feels very unromantic. It’s the kind of conversation that most couples put off, roll their eyes at, and even bicker about having before they sign their official marriage license. So while it’s often an…read more

12 Days of Sexy Christmas Gifts

If you’re feeling extra naughty this holiday season, take turns with your SO exchanging intimate gifts over the course of 12 days. They could be as sweet or sexy as you wish – the whole point is to create anticipation and turn up the heat. To help you get started, we’ve included our favorite picks…read more

30 Reasons to Celebrate Turning 30!

I’ll admit, like most women, the thought of turning 30 was rather daunting and overwhelming: at the time I was perpetually single and felt stagnant in my career. Then, of course, there was joy’s evil twin, comparison, creeping up and forcing me to analyze everything about my life. Also, wondering why my high school classmate…read more

A Book For Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

Face it: books make the best gifts! And you know how many gifts you need this holiday season. (So many. So, SO many.) Secret Santas, stocking stuffers, and all those holiday parties – you need to bring a present, a little something, and a hostess gift, don’t you? And nothing is more thoughtful or personal…read more

This Glitzy Purple Wedding Was the Perfect Ode to Prince

Sondatre first came across Lesley’s photo on an online dating site and was instantly drawn in by her “smile that could melt a tub of ice,” she told the photographer. The two met for an official dinner date after a few phone conversations, which was when their love really took off. They talked for hours…read more

Forget Engagement Photos – This At-Home Newlywed Shoot Is So Much Better!

Engagement shoots are great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something really special about a photo shoot that captures the romantic, comfortable nuances of just-married life. Brittany and Phil will be able to look back at these beautiful photos for years to come and remember this once-in-a-lifetime period of their lives. Kayla Coleman, who photographed…read more

Listen to the Ultimate Breakup Playlist

There are different ways to handle a breakup, depending on the situation, of course. But whether you’re wallowing in tears because you got blindsided or giving out high fives for finally letting go of the jerk, one thing’s for sure: music makes it all better. This time around, we’re leaving the makeout songs behind and…read more