Monthly Archives: November 25, 2017

Sexual Fantasies You Might Have That Are Totally Normal

If you get off imagining what it’d be like to spice things up between the sheets, you’re really not alone. Having sexual fantasies is very common, and it can include a variety of different activities, fetishes, impulses, and dynamics. Still, no matter the fantasy itself, it’s likely to take you outside your comfort zone and…read more

28 Sexy Underboob Tattoos You’ll Want to Get ASAP

What makes a tattoo truly sexy isn’t always the ink itself, but where you place it. Underboob tattoos, or tattoos inked on the front of the rib cage, usually directly under the breast and sometimes between/under both breasts, are all the rage these days. They can be small and subtle or completely bold. Either way,…read more

The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide For New Couples

The holiday season is stressful enough, but add it on top of a brand-new relationship and things can reach a fever pitch. While you may be eager to tout your new arm candy from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, navigating the holiday season isn’t always that easy. Here are a few ways new couples can enjoy…read more

Take Our 2018 Relationship Challenge For Your Best Year Yet!

No matter where you stand as a couple, there’s always room for improvement. You can probably think of something you can do more or less of, what kind of habits you’d be better off breaking, and ways you can show your partner even more love. In 2018, make your relationship a priority. Remind one another…read more

How I Overcame the Religious Stigma Around Birth Control

Bad skin and breakouts lasting long after puberty brought me to a dermatologist’s office when I was 22. He was kind and soft-spoken with light skin and reddish hair, had taken over the La Jolla, CA practice from his father, and came recommended by my sister. After he prescribed some topical creams, he asked if…read more

The World's Worst Date Was Live Tweeted, and It's Entertaining as Hell

People-watching is secretly (but also not so secretly) everyone’s favorite activity. Whereas public observing is usually done inconspicuously behind the protection of sunglasses, Twitter user KellyeFine just officially upped the ante. She took her observations to a whole new level by live tweeting a couple’s horrible date in all of its cringe-inducing glory. The account…read more

26 Sweet, Surprising, Sexy Gifts For Your Single BFF

You know that girlfriend you have, the one who doesn’t have a significant other and is always getting sh*t for it? She might be single and ready to mingle, or maybe she’s unattached and very, very happy about it. She’s probably spent a good chunk of her annual salary on bridesmaids dresses, bachelorette parties, and…read more