Monthly Archives: December 6, 2017

21 Gifts For People Who Need Coffee to Survive

Many of us love a cup of joe to start off the morning, but there are some people who simply can’t survive without it. We know not to talk to them before they’re caffeinated, and coffee actually gives them life. To help support their java lifestyle, we’ve found the perfect gifts for the coffee-obsessed. Check…read more

100+ Gifts Your Man Will Love (and Actually Use!)

Gift shopping for guys can be notoriously tricky. It’s easy to go the kitschy and cute route, but for the holidays, we want our man to have something meaningful, too. We’ve rounded up more than 100 gift ideas at every price point, from fun cocktail glasses to beautiful leather accessories and bags. Take a look…read more

This Female Porn Director Talks About "Challenging the Status Quo" of the Industry

Though plenty of stigma surrounding the porn industry exists, there’s often a lot more to it than meets the eye. Bree Mills, an award-winning writer, producer, and director of adult movies – both with and without penises – and self-proclaimed “lesbian pornography provocateur” did an IamA on Reddit to reveal some secrets about the industry….read more

11 Ways to Make It Through the Holidays When You Hate the Holidays

While some people may be all about the holiday spirit, others are all about the bah humbug. The holidays are filled with hustle and bustle, which also translates into stress. In addition to getting your normal routine under control, you now have to find time to shop for your entire family, bake for the company…read more

This Adorable Bride Chose Pink For Her Wedding Dress Color and We’re in Love

Joel and Jessilon uniquely combined bohemian elements with woodsy in their wedding at Foxwood Inn Bed and Breakfast in Flat Top, WV. The outdoor setting was absolutely perfect with greenery surrounding the party and a small lake just behind them. Jessilon and her bridesmaids wore flower crowns and each held their own bouquet during the…read more

This Romantic Barn Wedding Looks Like It’s Straight Out of a Dream

Michaela and Erick officially became husband and wife on a cloudy Spring day in Connecticut. All the centerpieces found throughout Lion Rock Farm were made by the bride herself with the help of a few family members. After their sweet outdoor ceremony, the newlyweds celebrated with a covered reception that featured a candlelit meal across…read more

Cozy Up With These 10 Steamy December Reads

Fuzzy blanket? Check. Hot chocolate (spiked or not – that’s between you and your mug)? Check. How about an ereader full of stories to keep you warm long into the Winter nights? If you’re in need of a few hot and sweet reads to check out, I have the perfect Winter lineup this month filled…read more

50 Gifts That Are Perfect to Buy For Your Girl Group

When you have a group of girlfriends, it can be difficult and pricey to choose individual gifts. We’ve found pretty, practical, and adorable choices that are probably already in your friends’ wish lists to make your life easier. Some come in packs for you to break out for each, and others are perfect to buy…read more

Is Love in the Stars? Check Your 2018 Zodiac Forecast

Next year, love may be in the air (if you’re a lucky sign, that is). Now that 2017 is coming to a close, it’s time to open your hearts to new relationships, ones both platonic and intimate. You may have gotten engaged or married or rekindled a previous flame this past year – and if…read more