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How You Can Achieve 2018's Hottest Wedding Trend: Gift Lounges

Image Source: John Cain Sargent We’ve all been there. We go to a beautiful wedding and bring home that thoughtful favor from the couple. But whether it’s a wine stopper stamped with the couple’s wedding date or a small box of candied almonds, these well-intentioned favors tend to end up in one place: the junk…read more

Our Favorite Books of the Year – You Won’t Be Able to Put Them Down!

It’s time to start looking back at our favorite reads of the year, and it’s quite an impressive batch of page-turners. Our picks run the gamut, from scandalous historical fiction to riveting memoirs and epic YA fantasy. It’s a wonder we’ve been able to get anything done with all the reading to be had. Ahead,…read more

You'll Be Creepily Captivated by This Addams Family Engagement Party

When you think of love and marriage, the last holiday that comes to mind is Halloween. Ghosts and ghouls are hardly romance material – at least, you’d think so. That’s why this gorgeous engagement shoot by Two Prince Bakery Theater‘s Dorangela Bobet is such a frighteningly nice surprise. If your significant other is spookily sweet,…read more

9 Empowering New Year's Resolutions For Single Ladies All Around

New year, same you – f*ck that. Next year is going to be your best year yet for dating and self-love because you deserve nothing but the best. It’s time to stop allowing your relationship status to dictate who you are as a person, so embrace this awesome period in your life instead of letting…read more

30 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship in the New Year

If that cup of coffee you’re drinking is hotter than your sex life, it’s time to reignite the flame. Although keeping a relationship fun and fresh isn’t always the easiest walk in the park, getting it on regularly and taking time to bond and get to know each other even better can work wonders on…read more

Should You Get a Prenup? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself First

The idea of getting a prenup agreement before walking down the aisle, saying “I do,” and sealing it with a smooch feels very unromantic. It’s the kind of conversation that most couples put off, roll their eyes at, and even bicker about having before they sign their official marriage license. So while it’s often an…read more

8 Things Guys Are Embarrassed to Admit to You

Societally speaking, men are not believed to be the most emotional beings. Man is a statue, solid in form and relatively expressionless. Because of this societal presumption, men tend to embarrass easily when we stray from prospective “roles,” and the fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t. In reading this piece, you will see that…read more

This Whimsical Ranch Wedding Is So Dreamy – See the Smitten Couple!

Gorgeous couple Anjuli and Frankie tied the knot in Parrish, FL, overwhelmed with love and support from their guests. The two held a whimsical, dreamy wedding on Bakers Ranch where twinkling lights strung from the trees. Bright peaches and pinks flooded their reception and ceremony, which were perfect for their Summer nuptials. See how smitten…read more

Yes, You Can Absolutely Have Sex on Your Period, and Here’s How

Don’t act like it’s something you’ve never thought of before. Having sex on your period is a topic that’s generally avoided by most people, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should be scared of – or ashamed of, for that matter. It’s perfectly normal to feel horny when you’re menstruating; it may not be…read more

The Woman in This Surprise Winter Proposal Looked Just Like Elsa!

Photographer Alyssa Smirnov told her sister, Julia, that she’s always looking to add interesting photo sessions to her portfolio. So when she came to visit their family in Washington, she asked Julia if she and her boyfriend would model in a styled shoot for work. Little did Julia know that it’d actually be a surprise…read more