Monthly Archives: January 5, 2018

Calling All Leos: Here’s What’s Ahead For You in 2018

2017, was, um, interesting to say the least. In epic news that united North America, we experienced a historic solar eclipse. In less stellar news, we (barely) survived the first year of a super strange presidency and saw the #MeToo movement sweep the globe. So, needless to say, we’re very excited for the new year…read more

The Breakup Letter I Never Wanted to Write

We met on the most beautiful Summer night on record, I think, and started seeing each other shortly after. For fun only, we thought, no feelings. Until he walked into a bar for an after-work happy hour and I realized I loved him. Until he said “love ya” as he dropped me off at my…read more

This New York Barn Wedding Is the Perfect Mix of Both Laid-Back and Elegant

Carly and Ryan were overwhelmed with love on their wedding day. Their beautiful Fall nuptials took place at Stable Gate Winery in upstate New York and captured the couple’s relaxed taste perfectly. The bride created the programs while her family made the floral arrangements and dessert pies themselves. It was just the right touches of…read more

My Best Friend Went on 3 Tinder Dates With Me – Here's What Happened

A few weeks in California. My best friend, her baby . . . and three Tinder dates. Well, that escalated quickly. Let’s back up a smidge here. I was visiting my BFF (since seventh grade) on the left coast, working from her place, and making her show me around, naturally. We adventured, ate pints of…read more

8 Things Women Find Most Unattractive in a Significant Other

We’ve learned that passion (beyond just the bedroom) is what many women find most irresistible in a partner, but what do we consider as the biggest turnoffs? If you want to keep us interested, avoid being guilty of these eight things. Related10 Little Things That Mean So Much to Women Cockiness: There’s a major difference…read more