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I Had a Terrible Breakup With My Ex, but Now He’s My Best Friend

Never fear, I am here to dispel the rumors. Yes, you can be friends with your ex. Really good friends, actually. Maybe even the best. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes and thinking that this was an amicable breakup and that things just didn’t work out because there weren’t the right feelings or something really…read more

What I Learned From My Affair With a Married Man

When you are in a relationship, cheating is one of the worst things that can happen. First the rage sets in, then self-doubt, more rage, then the hurt. You find yourself questioning every little thing, and even eventually, you may begin to blame yourself. The reasons people cheat tend to be pretty broad, but take…read more

How to Handle Marriage Anxiety When You're a Child of Divorce

As the child of divorced parents, I always knew I had some baggage that would surface when it was my turn to get married. It turns out, I was right. For weeks after I got engaged, I had anxiety dreams that jolted me awake. There was a knot in the pit of my stomach that…read more

33 Annoying Things I Learned Planning My Own Wedding

I got married during Summer on a beautiful, emotional, love-filled day – one which I planned myself, eschewing a wedding planner. I nixed the idea early on, thinking it wasn’t something I wanted to spend money on, and I also thought I’d enjoy doing all the planning myself. I love research! I love being organized!…read more

Country Love Songs Guaranteed to Make You Cry

Aside from looking sexy in a cowboy hat, country musicians are really, really good at writing and performing songs that make you bawl your eyes out. The love songs, especially, can just rip your heart out. Bad breakups, first love, the death of a spouse, wives waiting for their soldiers to come home – it’s…read more

What It's Really Like Dating as a Deaf Person

Ashlea Hayes is a deaf woman still learning how to navigate dating in a world for hearing people. Here’s what dating is like for Ashlea and what she wants hearing people to know about dating someone with a disability. Source: Suger

Why Avoiding Conflict Is a Very Bad Sign For a Relationship (Not a Sign of Strength)

There’s a stigma surrounding arguing in romantic relationships, but disagreement can actually be healthy. Randi Gunther at YourTango explains why you should stop avoiding arguments and consider conflict a strength. Never having a disagreement is a bad sign. When you picture an ideal relationship, what does it look like? Would you see eye-to-eye on everything…read more