Monthly Archives: February 16, 2018

4 Things I Learned From My First One-Night Stand (in My 40s)

Barbara McNally, author of Unbridled: A Memoir, shares four reasons why a one-night stand isn’t always a bad idea. Raised as a fundamental Christian in a patriarchal society, I married the first man I slept with. Before my wedding, my feisty Irish Grandma Pat had asked me why I wanted to marry so young and…read more

18 Adorable Love Books to Give to Your SO

Books make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts because they can express your feelings sometimes better than you can. Gifting a book can also be very personal since selecting one can require a bit more thought. We’ve found adorable picks to give to your SO this Feb. 14, from sweet activity books to fill out yourself…read more

An Open Letter to My Best Friend: "You Are the Gayle to My Oprah"

Dear Best Friend, If you’re reading this, I hope you know how much you mean to me. I hope you understand how valuable you are to my life and growth, as a woman and friend. I am fiercely independent and outspoken, but so are you. Watching you work hard to achieve your dreams is inspirational….read more

22 First-Time Sex Confessions

Most people have a funny or quirky anecdote about losing their virginity, and it’s no secret that the act very rarely goes off without a hitch. You won’t want to miss these anonymous first-time sex confessions (from romantic to sad to downright hilarious) from our friends at Whisper. Source: Suger

Hipster Ariel Marries Eric in This Fantasy Beach Wedding

Real-life hipster Ariel Traci Hines marries Prince Eric in this epically creative and stylish beach wedding shoot inspired by The Little Mermaid. Seriously, from the bride’s dip-dyed gown to the tutu-clad bridesmaids – and don’t even get me started on the shimmery tablescapes adorned with ocean-themed delicacies – this is the sort of magical big…read more

How to Gracefully Exit a Bad Date

We’ve all been there. It’s the moment your food arrives and you wish you’d ordered differently. The dress was hot online, but it doesn’t fit over your boobs. Or, of course, you liked their pictures, but their voice, height, or just general presence tells you immediately that they are not your future spouse. Mastering the…read more