Monthly Archives: March 20, 2018

This Colorful and Quirky Geometric Wedding Is the Exact Opposite of Boring

Let’s be honest – traditional weddings can often be predictable and boring. But Jason and Natalie planned for their big day to be the exact opposite of those things. The couple styled a vibrant and quirky celebration centered around having fun and being relaxed. On top of their wedding’s bright color palette, much of its…read more

5 Lessons Engaged Couples Can Learn From First-Time Marathon Runners

With anything brand new, there are new skills to build, a learning curve, and a roller coaster of emotions. That is why it is almost universal that first-time marathoners train before their big race. Not only does training set you up for greater success, but it is half the fun. Running a marathon is not…read more

31 Collarbone Quote Tattoos That Are as Meaningful as They Are Sexy

Tattoos are badass in general, but it’s really the placement that can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a spot that’s seductive but easily covered up, the collarbone’s your choice. A gorgeous way to highlight that feature is to line it with script like the following ladies have done ahead. From empowering reminders…read more

See Which Zodiac Signs You're Most Romantically Compatible With

Sometimes, love works in mysterious ways – or it works according to the stars. Certain zodiac signs are more compatible with others based on their core personality traits, so if you’re curious about who would make a great partner for you, astrology can provide some possibilities. To help find your ideal mate, we looked to…read more

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Changing to Your Married Name

After being pronounced partners for life, the excitement of changing one’s name to match the love of a lifetime should probably be the most exciting thing ever. Except it’s not – because the amount of paperwork, protocol, and hoops you need to jump through in order to get it done is migraine-inducing at best. Slomique…read more

Don’t Apply For Your Marriage License Too Late – or Too Early

Although your wedding will be one of the most incredible days of your life, not every aspect leading up to the it will be as glamorous (seating charts, anyone?). Among those tasks is obtaining a marriage license, which, you know, is essential to the whole getting married thing. You can’t get one overnight, so don’t…read more

Engaged? This Is the Best Time to Book Your Wedding Venue

Being engaged is both a wonderful and stressful time. Basking in the glow of being ridiculously in love combined with having to actually find a way to celebrate that love (and “celebrate” means lots of compromises, problems, family issues, drama, and loads of other things) can be daunting. However, getting the venue determined and settled…read more

5 BDSM Tactics That Will Ramp Up Your Sex Life

I know what you’re all thinking – Christian Grey’s playroom, pain, safety words, and weird-looking masks. However, BDSM is more than the sum of its parts. At the core, BDSM is about trust, control, and finding pain/pleasure thresholds for ultimate sexual satisfaction. While some people actually live a lifestyle like this, there are others who…read more