Monthly Archives: March 28, 2018

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You're Thinking of Getting Pregnant

If you’re thinking of getting pregnant, you’ll want to discuss a few important things with your OB/GYN first. When it comes to a safe pregnancy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that supports both of you, it can take time to clarify a few issues. Plus, you’ll also need some background information on your current health…read more

87 Books by Women You Should Read Before You Die

Without women, some pretty amazing things wouldn’t exist. Book-lovers know best that women have changed the world in so many important ways – oftentimes, with their words. We’ve rounded up more than 80 novels, essays, poem collections, and memoirs written by female writers. Everyone should read these literary works in their lifetimes. Related: 25 Sweet,…read more

All Your (Very) Honest Questions About Anal Sex, Answered by an Expert

Anal sex can be tricky. It comes with a lot of hows and whats and dos that many might switch over to their private browser to search for. And while you may have some embarrassing questions about the logistics of backdoor play, know that you should never be ashamed about any of your curiosities, because…read more

I Let My Mom Plan My Entire Wedding

Like many people, before I got engaged, I envisioned my perfect wedding. I pictured my husband and I exchanging our vows overlooking a beach, valley of trees, or lush grape vines. Yes, being a nature-inspired couple who hiked regularly, we wanted to incorporate the outdoors into our big day. My husband even proposed at sunset…read more