Monthly Archives: March 15, 2018

4 Things That My Future Marriage Absolutely Must Have

My 20s are almost over and the one thing I’m most proud of is the superlative I’ve garnered over the years. After going to more than 20 weddings for friends, being a bridesmaid over a dozen times, and literally working as a bridesmaid for strangers, if there’s one thing I know about from being a…read more

These 2 Brides Had the Most Beautiful Lakeside Ceremony in Canada

Lesley had the perfect proposal planned out: she and her girlfriend Philomena would enjoy a nice picnic by Lac De Arcs, enjoy the views, and then Lesley would sing a song on her guitar asking Philomena to marry her. She even picked the perfect spot to throw their raft over. As Lesley stalled until the…read more

This Destination Wedding in Crete Is Almost Too Beautiful For Words

Prepare yourself for a destination wedding that defines charm, rustic elegance, and romance all at once. Lara and James tied the knot at Grecotel Agreco, a breathtaking farm on the Greek island of Crete with lush landscapes and gorgeous architecture. The ceremony was held outside the chapel beneath a stunning arch dripping with greenery and…read more

How to Date a Sober Person When You Still Drink

A couple weeks ago, I was on a third date with a guy I’d been seeing. Let’s call him Eric. I’d had a long day, and was sitting at the bar enjoying a delicious glass of Pinot Noir when he arrived. After saying hello and catching up for a bit, I realized he hadn’t ordered…read more

People With These Birthday Colors Make the Best Partners

Certain zodiac signs are more compatible with some than others, but a person’s birthday color can also reveal if they hold characteristics of a good partner. Intuitive, astrologer, and numerologist Michele Bernhardt looked to colorstrology (yes, it’s a real thing!) to assign a Pantone color to every date of the year. Using a combination of…read more