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Have the Wedding of Your Dreams Without Breaking Your Bank Account

Wedding planning can be an exciting – yet overwhelming – time, especially when it comes to your wedding budget. It’s no surprise that wedding costs add up quickly. Due to unrealistic portrayals of weddings everywhere you look, there can be a ton of pressure to have the “perfect” wedding. A wedding doesn’t have to be…read more

30 Ways to Show Your Love (That Don’t Cost a Thing)

When a relationship is shiny and new, it’s easy to be intentional because you want to make sure they know you care and that you’re invested. You want to show you’re interested in them and the things that matter to them. Over time, though, it can be easy to just assume they know you love…read more

These Marriage Milestone Wine Labels Make Such Thoughtful Wedding Gifts

If you’re searching for a sweet wedding gift that goes beyond the typical registry item, look no further. Marriage milestone wine labels are the perfect way to encourage newlyweds to celebrate both big and small moments after their special day. And the best part is that each bottle will only get better with age. We…read more

11 Unbreakable Rules EVERYONE Should Follow in a Relationship

If there was ever a relationship bible, it would include the most crucial rules all couples should abide by with no exception. Although one doesn’t exist, we’ve got the next best thing for you to refer to. A healthy and happy relationship is one that never forgets the fundamentals. These guidelines should go without saying,…read more

36 Signs Your Partner Is "the One"

Getting to spend your life with one person is one of the luckiest things imaginable. When my husband and I were planning our wedding many years ago, I got asked a lot of questions. While everyone wanted to know about the color scheme and wedding venue, the one thing I got asked a surprising amount…read more

12 Actors Who Have Bared All on Screen

It seems that male nudity makes both women and men uncomfortable, but we barely bat an eyelash when we see naked women in films (or on TV). And it’s no wonder we’re desensitized to female nudity: it’s practically a regular occurrence on the big screen, while we rarely get a chance to squirm in our…read more

8 of the Best Porn Sites For Women

In case you aren’t already aware, women enjoy watching pornography, too. Maybe not all categories, but we can definitely appreciate passion-filled scenes ranging from soft to hardcore. (Bonus if there’s a plot, but we can get straight into things, also.) For viewers looking for something more female-friendly, we’ve found the top adult websites separated into…read more

This Sunset Vow Exchange in the Desert Was Unbelievably Romantic

Circumstances forced Afsana and Roman to marry under short notice without a ceremony or formal photos, but they later got the opportunity to have a proper vow exchange. Afsana incorporated her Nepali roots into her bridal style by wearing her favorite traditional saree and having a friend apply henna designs for her mehndi. They drove…read more