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12 Teen Novels With Positively Imperfect Stories About Sex

True story: I lost my virginity in a car parked alongside a dark and creepy cemetery. As I hustled to get dressed, two police cars pulled up alongside of us. We got a sternly worded lecture from two patrol officers, narrowly avoided receiving a traffic ticket and were sent home in a way that was…read more

I'm Divorced, and I Now Love Weddings More Than Ever

Love is so easy to get down about, isn’t it? It’s something in life that just happens – it’s not timed or controlled. It’s something you can’t buy. It’s something that is questionable because it looks different to everyone and in every relationship. And, the sad thing is, it’s something you can’t force to stay,…read more

14 Steamy Romances to Kick Off Your Summer

Well, those three digits on the temperature gauges are our first clue that it’s time to wipe down the BBQ, shake out the beach towels, and lather on sunscreen for the sunny days of Summer. And while I admire those fun-loving people who brave this wicked heat for the best music festivals and sunkissed tans,…read more

40 Outdoor Date Ideas For Summer Lovin’

Take advantage of the warm temperatures Summer has to offer by taking date night outside! We’ve rounded up tons of beautiful inspiration for romantic outdoorsy outings (some are perfect for crossing off your Summer bucket list). So grab your fling or longtime lover, throw on a bikini or your sneakers, and get your Summer lovin’…read more

30 Things to Do by Yourself This Summer

The warmer weather and longer days of Summer bring us ample opportunities to get out and about to try loads of exciting activities, but so many of those are best done in pairs and groups. If you’re flying solo during the Summer, you may think it’s going to be more difficult to fill your time…read more

Get Your Dating Game in Shape With 19 Books by Bachelor Stars

When we looked into where The Bachelor couples are now, we were surprised to see so many authors from the bunch. While some of the past contestants from the franchise have gone the expected route – writing about their personal experiences on the show – others penned books from surprising genres. There’s something for everyone…read more

35 Gifts For the Guy Who Basically Has Everything

Men can be the toughest nut to crack when it comes to shopping. They aren’t always vocal about what they want (and don’t have 12,000 Pinterest boards like we do), and to make things worse, anything they have their eye on, they buy themselves. But we’re here to help! No matter what your guy’s interests…read more

Why You Should Absolutely Wait Until After 30 to Get Married

Lately, I’ve been seeing news of (very) young people tying the knot on my Facebook feed. And while I certainly don’t condemn them for taking their oaths early (when you know, you know, I suppose), I can’t help but feel a little puzzled. What’s the hurry? Even if you do believe you’ve found your soul…read more

8 Things Wedding Planners Absolutely Hate

I’ve been around the wedding business for quite some time now, and though the couples come and go, the trends fade, and the stress never seems to end, this list will still remain the same. I’m sure you think that what would bother us the most are bridezillas, but as much as they irk us,…read more

11 Cannabis-Infused Bachelorette Party Gifts For Your Best Buds

Wedding season is here, which means you might be searching for exciting bachelorette party favors to spice up the bride’s special weekend. Instead of the gifting the standard mini bottle of Champagne, skip the hangover, and look for something “greener” to celebrate the special occasion. With so many fun and unique low-dose cannabis products available,…read more