Monthly Archives: June 8, 2018

The Best Sex Positions That'll Guarantee an Orgasm From Oral Sex

When it comes to receiving oral sex, you’re probably thinking foreplay: the real sex is yet to come. However, don’t be mistaken. Oral sex can be just as hot and sensual as intercourse, and if done well, it can totally lead to an orgasm. Luckily, there are a few sex positions guaranteed to help you…read more

Holy Rose Gold Heaven: Disney Has a Freakin' Sequined Ears BACKPACK

Holy mother of pearl, Disney just keeps doing it with the rose gold goodness! Just when we thought that Instagram’s favorite rose gold sequined Minnie ears couldn’t be topped, the happiest place on earth just made our jaws drop with two new additions: a rose gold sequined clutch purse and a backpack. Rock rose gold…read more

11 Life Lessons We Learned From Our Dads

From childhood to adulthood, I’ve admired the examples my mother and father have set for myself, my brother, and others. I’ve not only measured myself against those, but used them as my guiding light in life. Dads teach us some of the most valuable lessons that we could ever know through one of life’s most…read more

Why You Should Absolutely Wait Until After 30 to Get Married

Lately, I’ve been seeing news of (very) young people tying the knot on my Facebook feed. And while I certainly don’t condemn them for taking their oaths early (when you know, you know, I suppose), I can’t help but feel a little puzzled. What’s the hurry? Even if you do believe you’ve found your soul…read more

70+ Cheap or Free Things to Do With Your BFFs This Summer

So, it’s summertime and you want to hang out with your BFFs . . . but you don’t want to spend a fortune every time you go out on the town! Well, there are plenty of affordable (or free!) things that you can do with your friends during the warm-weather season; it’s just a matter…read more

No Date, No Problem! 10 Things to Do Alone

You don’t have to be single to want some alone time. Although seeing a movie, going to a concert, and eating out are typical date ideas, doing these things solo can be quite liberating. While it may seem scary or maybe a little strange at first, it’s time spent alone where you can really discover…read more

50 Real-Girl Engagement Rings to Swoon Over

If you’re waiting for your significant other to pop the question – or maybe you just like daydreaming about that distant day in the future – girl, do we have some inspiration for you. We’ve searched Instagram for the most darling, jaw-dropping, cool-girl engagement rings from real ladies who recently had their beloved #putaringonit. With…read more

13 Simple, Everyday Ways to Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Making a marriage strong shouldn’t be hard work – it should be gratifying but small and simple efforts that the two of you make each day to take it to the next level. Always. This means a great marriage requires effort and love – not heavy labor. Read on to find some easy ways to…read more

Get Your Geek, We Mean Freak, on With These Geeked-Out Sex Toys

Everyone deserves to have the best sexual experience possible, be it alone or with a partner. And what’s better than being able to combine sex with your inner geek? Um, nothing. We got you, Whether you are a huge Star Wars fan, totally get turned on by the Power Rangers, have a little Guardians of…read more