Monthly Archives: March 31, 2019

Yes, You Absolutely Can Say "No" to Being a Bridesmaid – Here's How

Being asked to be in someone’s wedding is usually an amazing moment. I remember when my sister presented me with a hand-designed card that read, “Will you be my matron of honor?” I cried. Like, ugly cried. My best friend’s bridesmaid proposal likewise left me in tears. I felt so special and excited to stand…read more

10 Sweet Ways I Show My Partner Every Day Just How Much I Care

Whether it’s saying “I love you” before you both fall asleep at night or saying “no” to the dessert menu on date night when your partner is attempting to diet, there are a million ways to show how much you care about your significant other every single day. Most of the time, words aren’t even…read more

25 Adorable Disney-Themed Wedding Favors That Your Guests Can Actually Use

Is there anything worse than a useless (and totally overpriced) wedding favor? Why bother spending the money on something your guests will throw away before your wedding bouquet even wilts? If you’re planning a Disney-inspired wedding, there’s no better way to help your guests remember your special day than with a Disney-themed token of your…read more

Why the End of the Honeymoon Phase Is Actually the Best

Ah, the honeymoon phase. The name suggests it’s the best part of a relationship, some sort of escape from reality to a happier, more magical place. People fight to hold onto it because they’re afraid it will all be downhill from there, but that’s not true at all! The best part of a good relationship…read more

Take It From Me – Dating a Coworker Is a Horrible Idea

“Oh, crap!” I thought when I first I saw him. A new, very hot guy had started working at my office, and I knew right away it would be a problem. I wanted to go out with him, and no matter how many times I tried telling myself it wasn’t a good idea because we…read more