Monthly Archives: April 30, 2019

9 Things You Should Never Feel Bad About Doing After a Breakup

Breakups are the worst. There’s no instruction manual for how to navigate the end of a relationship, and even if you’re the one who decided to call it quits, it can still hurt like hell. While it’s true that not every breakup turns into a total breakdown, some of them are definitely tougher to deal…read more

I'm 32 and Single, and Sometimes I Worry That I'll Never Find Someone

Growing up, my parents were the basis for everything I believed about relationships. They were married at 22, started having kids a few years later, and lived happily ever after, so naturally I put myself on the same timeline. I assumed, when I was a preteen, that I’d be married by 25 at the absolute…read more

30 Perfect Songs to Celebrate Your BFF's Engagement

Chances are, somebody you know will be getting a ring in the near future. When she does, she’ll want to celebrate the incredible news with her favorite ladies. Be the best friend a girl can have by blasting this playlist – it will totally get her pumped to plan the wedding. Check out all the…read more

These 101 Disney Princess Tattoos Are the Fairest of Them All

Disney princess love is a forever kind of love, and there’s no better way to show this sentiment than with a beautiful, princess-inspired tattoo that will last a lifetime. From timeless quotes to colorful depictions of Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Mulan, and every princess in between, this magical ink will inspire your next tattoo and…read more