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Monthly Archives: August 31, 2019

100+ Adorable Photos You Need to Take With Your Bridesmaids

Since your bridesmaids are the closest women in your life, it would be strange to take nothing but stiff, posed photos with them on your wedding day. Instead of filling your wedding album with the same old thing, try opting for fun, more natural portraits that capture your best friendships! When everybody is enjoying themselves…read more

100 Couple Moments to Capture at Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day photo checklist, it doesn’t get much more important than the photos you take with your spouse-to-be. These photos will eventually become fond memories that you will share with friends and family, so it is worth the effort. To help you out, we’ve complied a comprehensive list of all…read more

8 Perks of Having a Friend With Benefits

If there’s one thing millennials complain about the most, it’s dating. We live in an age where app culture is like glorified online shopping. We can be too quick to swipe left after seeing one picture and too quick to ghost after one date. Just like ordering Postmates, it’s easy to log onto the apps…read more

I Was a Virgin All Through College, and This Is How I Feel About It Now

Warning: some things discussed in this personal essay may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault. Most people are still surprised that I voluntarily stayed a virgin throughout college. Given some of the less forgiving stigmas and stereotypes about abstinence, I can definitely understand why. I’m not religious in any sense of the word, nor…read more

I Used a Sex Swing, and Wow, It Changed My Life

My boyfriend and I were lying in our hotel bed, having just finished a morning sex session after a night out in New York City to celebrate his birthday. More than three years into our relationship, I feel lucky that we still have such an intense physical attraction to each other. There are fireworks every…read more